Is Scottie Montgomery the Answer to the Detroit Lion Running Back Woes in 2023?


The Detroit Lions, in a significant move, announced on February 2, 2023, the hiring of Scottie Montgomery as their new running backs coach. This addition aims to bolster the Lions’ running game that ranked 27th in the NFL last year. Montgomery, an expert with notable achievements under his belt, is expected to bring transformative changes to the Lions’ running back unit.

  1. Summary of lions running back coach
  2. Scottie Montgomery’s Background
  3. Replacing Duce Staley
  4. Scottie Montgomery and His Goals
  5. Impact on the Detroit Lions
  6. Scottie Montgomery’s Coaching Style
  7. Media Interactions
  8. Impact on Players
  9. Conclusion

After serving the Indianapolis Colts for two seasons, where he played a crucial role in making Jonathan Taylor an All-Pro running back, Montgomery is anticipated to provide similar value to the Lions’ running backs like D’Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams.

Summary of lions running back coach

Date Event
February 2, 2023 Scottie Montgomery joins the Detroit Lions as their new running backs coach.
2021-2022 Montgomery serves the Indianapolis Colts as the running backs coach.
2019-2020 Montgomery acts as the offensive coordinator for the Maryland Terrapins.
2015-2018 Montgomery leads East Carolina Pirates as the head coach.
2004-2014 Montgomery holds various coaching positions in the NCAA circuit.

Scottie Montgomery’s Background

Scottie Montgomery’s coaching journey began in 2004 at East Carolina University. He quickly climbed the ranks due to his in-depth understanding of the game and passion for nurturing talent. His most recent stint with the Indianapolis Colts speaks volumes about his capabilities, where he transformed their running game into a force to reckon with.

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Given his rich experience in both the NFL and college circuits, the Detroit Lions’ decision to bring Montgomery on board comes as no surprise.

Replacing Duce Staley

The void left by Duce Staley’s departure as the Lions’ former running backs coach had fans wondering about the next big move. And when NFL Network hinted at Scottie Montgomery being the potential replacement, the excitement was palpable. Now, with Montgomery officially wearing the Lions’ colors, the anticipation is higher than ever.

Scottie Montgomery and His Goals

It’s no secret that Montgomery has aspirations of one day helming an NFL team. Detroit seems to be the ideal destination for him to further these ambitions. His commitment to the Lions’ vision is evident in his words, “I’m excited to join the Detroit Lions and look forward to enhancing the running back game.”

Impact on the Detroit Lions

The Lions’ management and players have voiced their confidence in Montgomery. Dan Campbell, the head coach, mentioned, “Scottie is a talented coach who will undoubtedly elevate our running game.” Their high hopes rest on Montgomery’s proven track record and the potential magic he can work with the Lions’ running backs.

Scottie Montgomery’s Coaching Style

Montgomery’s coaching style leans heavily towards the development of running backs. He possesses a keen eye for identifying talent and harnessing it to its full potential. His success with Jonathan Taylor is a testament to his expertise and vision.

Media Interactions

In his recent interactions with the media, Montgomery emphasized the progression he envisions for the Lions’ running back unit. While he acknowledges the challenges, his confidence in the talent at his disposal is unwavering.

Impact on Players

The Lions’ running backs, especially D’Andre Swift, have been vocal about their enthusiasm to work with Montgomery. His approach, which focuses on both technical proficiency and mental toughness, has resonated with the players. They look forward to reaping the benefits of his guidance.


With Scottie Montgomery now at the helm of the Detroit Lions’ running backs unit, the upcoming seasons promise excitement and hope. His addition might just be the catalyst the Lions need to elevate their running game and make significant strides in the NFC North.


Q: When did Scottie Montgomery join the Detroit Lions?
A: Scottie Montgomery joined the Detroit Lions as their new running backs coach on February 2, 2023.

Q: What position did Montgomery hold with the Maryland Terrapins?
A: Scottie Montgomery was the offensive coordinator for the Maryland Terrapins between 2019 and 2020.

Q: Which team did Montgomery coach before joining the Lions?
A: Before joining the Detroit Lions, Montgomery was the running backs coach for the Indianapolis Colts for two seasons.

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