Is Ryan Seacrest Relationship with Aubrey Paige Still Going Strong Since 2021?


Ryan Seacrest, popularly known for his hosting gig on American Idol, has been in the limelight for various reasons, not least of which is his romantic life. For those keenly following, Seacrest has been dating Aubrey Paige since 2021. A lot has been shared and speculated about their relationship, and this article sheds light on the details.

  1. Summary of ryan seacrest girlfriend
  2. Who Is Aubrey Paige Petcosky?
  3. The Beginning of Their Relationship
  4. Relationship Stability
  5. Romantic Getaway
  6. Public Appearances
  7. Aubrey Paige’s Social Media Presence
  8. Conclusion

More recently, Seacrest gave fans a sneak peek into his romantic European vacation with girlfriend Aubrey Paige. The duo appeared to have a memorable time, sharing snippets of their escapade with the world.

Summary of ryan seacrest girlfriend

Aspect Detail
Name of Girlfriend Aubrey Paige Petcosky (Known as Aubrey Paige)
Profession Model
Relationship Start Year 2021
Relationship Status Appears stable and committed
Notable Vacation Romantic European getaway, especially in Italy
Public Appearances Red carpet debut, gym outings in NYC
Social Media Buzz Posts hinting at relationship, fan reactions

Who Is Aubrey Paige Petcosky?

Aubrey Paige Petcosky, better known in public circles as Aubrey Paige, isn’t just another name tagged with Seacrest. She’s carved her niche in the modeling world and has garnered quite a following.

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Over the years, her charming persona and modeling stints have added to her popularity, especially as she got linked with Seacrest.

The Beginning of Their Relationship

In 2021, the entertainment world buzzed with whispers and confirmations about Ryan Seacrest dating the model Aubrey Paige. The dashing host and the radiant model seemed to have struck a chord, making them one of the intriguing couples to watch.

Relationship Stability

Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige aren’t just about media flashes and quick news bytes. Their relationship, by all accounts, suggests stability and commitment, indicating the duo’s genuine bond.

Romantic Getaway

For couples, a romantic vacation can be a testament to their relationship, and Ryan and Aubrey are no different. Their recent European escapade, especially in scenic Italy, was more than just a getaway. It was a showcase of love, companionship, and shared memories.

Public Appearances

It’s not often that fans get to see Seacrest make public appearances with his romantic interests. However, with Aubrey, things seem a tad different. Notable instances include their red carpet debut and shared workout sessions in New York City, clearly reflecting their comfort and affection for each other.

Aubrey Paige’s Social Media Presence

Aubrey Paige’s social media is always buzzing, more so with her posts that hint or showcase her relationship with Seacrest. Though some posts have caused a stir among fans, they’ve overall been a testament to the model’s life, including her connection with Seacrest.


Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige’s relationship, blooming since 2021, continues to grab attention. Whether it’s their romantic vacations, public appearances, or individual pursuits, the couple seems to be going strong. And while the future remains uncertain for any couple, fans and followers can keep a tab on their journey through their shared memories and public showcases.


Who is Ryan Seacrest currently dating?
Ryan Seacrest is currently dating Aubrey Paige Petcosky, commonly known as Aubrey Paige.

Since when have Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige been together?
The duo has been reportedly dating since 2021.

Where did the couple recently vacation?
Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige recently enjoyed a romantic European vacation, with notable moments in Italy.

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