Is Lidya Jewett the Rising Star from Black Panther?


In the world of cinema, names often come and go, but some talents stand out and leave a lasting impression. One such name is Lidya Jewett. Recognized for her role as Young Nakia in the 2018 blockbuster, “Black Panther”, Lidya’s recent involvement in “Nightbooks” has further solidified her position in the industry. Born in Ethiopia on January 19, 2007, and later adopted, her journey from Africa to Hollywood is nothing short of inspiring.

  1. Summary of lidya jewett black panther
  2. Lidya Jewett’s Role in Black Panther
  3. Lidya Jewett’s Background
  4. Lidya Jewett’s Presence on Social Media
  5. Lidya Jewett’s Recent Involvement
  6. Lidya Jewett’s Personal Journey
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Lidya Jewett’s association with “Black Panther” introduced her to global audiences, and her performance was undoubtedly remarkable. Apart from this, her recent foray into “Nightbooks” hints at the budding talent she possesses. With a unique background, having been adopted from Ethiopia, Lidya’s story is as compelling off-screen as it is on-screen.

Summary of lidya jewett black panther

Aspect Detail
Name Lidya Jewett
Notable Role Young Nakia in Black Panther
Birth Date & Place January 19, 2007, Ethiopia
Major Works Good Girls, Feel the Beat, Hidden Figures
Recent Activity Role in Nightbooks
Instagram Followers 113K
Personal Background Adopted from Ethiopia
Potential in Entertainment Rising Star with versatile acting capabilities

Lidya Jewett’s Role in Black Panther

In “Black Panther”, Lidya portrayed Young Nakia, a character pivotal to the narrative’s unfolding. Her impeccable acting added depth to the movie, making it a massive success. For those eager to know more about her, Lidya’s profiles on IMDb and various social media platforms offer a deeper insight into her career.

Lidya Jewett’s Background

Born on January 19, 2007, in Ethiopia, Lidya’s cinematic journey includes significant roles in “Good Girls”, “Feel the Beat”, and “Hidden Figures”. Her prowess as an actress has been evident since a tender age, and her filmography speaks volumes about her growth in the industry.

Lidya Jewett’s Presence on Social Media

With a following of 113K on Instagram, Lidya keeps her fans updated on her professional and personal life. Those curious about her latest projects and behind-the-scenes glimpses should undoubtedly check out her profile, @lidyajewett.

Lidya Jewett’s Recent Involvement

Apart from her unforgettable performance in “Black Panther”, Lidya’s role in “Nightbooks” shows her dedication to the art of acting. Despite her young age, she consistently showcases versatility and depth in her roles.

Lidya Jewett’s Personal Journey

Lidya’s story is not just about her roles on screen but also her personal journey. Adopted from Ethiopia, she embraces her Ethiopian-American heritage with pride. Her achievements in the entertainment world are a testament to her passion and commitment.


Lidya Jewett’s introduction as Young Nakia in “Black Panther” was just the beginning. With her recent roles and the promise she shows, the future looks bright for this young actress. Fans and cinephiles alike should keep an eye out for Lidya’s upcoming projects and her continued ascent in the film industry.

1. Who is Lidya Jewett?
Lidya Jewett is an Ethiopian-American actress known for her role as Young Nakia in Black Panther and her involvement in Nightbooks.

2. Where was Lidya born?
She was born on January 19, 2007, in Ethiopia.

3. What are some of her major works?
Apart from “Black Panther”, Lidya has significant roles in “Good Girls”, “Feel the Beat”, and “Hidden Figures”.

4. How can one follow her on social media?
Lidya Jewett is active on Instagram under the handle @lidyajewett, where she has a following of 113K.

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