Is Kraken a Band? The Legends of Medellín Rock Unveiled


Is Kraken a band? The simple answer is yes. Founded in Medellín in 1983, Kraken is one of the most influential rock bands in Latin America, known for its captivating vocals and compelling melodies. Over the years, their music has resonated with fans, and the band’s legacy has woven into various facets of media and pop culture.

  1. Summary of “is kraken a band”
  2. Kraken’s History
  3. Kraken’s Music
  4. Kraken’s Social Media Presence
  5. Kraken’s Live Performances
  6. Kraken’s Connection to Tom Hardy
  7. Kraken’s Involvement with Ethereum Foundation
  8. Kraken’s Impact on DreamWorks Animation
  9. Kraken and the Seattle Band Dispute
  10. Conclusion

Kraken’s history is both rich and profound. Established in Medellín, Colombia, they swiftly rose to prominence, securing their spot as a rock legend in Latin America.

Summary of “is kraken a band”

Topic Description
History Founded in Medellín, 1983 by Elkin Ramírez, Andrés Leiva, and Jaime Uribe.
Music Mix of hard rock and heavy metal with influential tracks.
Social Media Active presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
Live Performances Known for their high-energy shows worldwide.
Tom Hardy Used “Kraken” metaphorically to describe his addiction battle.
Ethereum Foundation Sold 1,700 ETH through Kraken in 2023.
DreamWorks Animation Released a movie titled “Teenage Kraken” in 2023.

Kraken’s History

Kraken came to life through the efforts of Elkin Ramírez, Andrés Leiva, and Jaime Uribe. Their debut album, “Kraken I,” released in 1987, became an instant classic, featuring tracks like “Escudo de mi Ciudad” and “Lenguaje del Silencio.” Through the ’90s, their success only amplified with releases such as Kraken IV: Piel de Cobre. However, in 1997, tragedy struck when Elkin Ramírez passed away in a car accident. Undeterred, the band continued its journey, releasing their fifth album, “El Símbolo de la Huella,” two years prior in 1995. In recent years, they have maintained their reputation, with the 2016 release “Sobre esta Tierra” being a testament to their enduring appeal.

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Kraken’s Music

Delving into the realm of hard rock and heavy metal, Kraken’s tracks have a unique voice. Their powerful vocals combined with catchy tunes have led to hits like “No me Dejes Morir” and “Sueños de Libertad.” Their lyrics, often reflective of societal issues, touch upon themes ranging from politics to love.

Kraken’s Social Media Presence

Being in tune with modern times, Kraken has a substantial presence on social media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook. Through these channels, they keep their fans updated about their latest releases and concerts.

Kraken’s Live Performances

When it comes to live shows, Kraken’s energy is palpable. Their passion and vigor on stage have allowed them to perform at significant venues and festivals globally, solidifying their reputation as one of the best live acts in the rock genre.

Kraken’s Connection to Tom Hardy

In a surprising revelation in 2014, actor Tom Hardy remarked about being “fed to the Kraken” during a near-death experience in 2003. Initially leading to speculations about Kraken’s existence, it was later clarified that Hardy metaphorically referred to his struggles with addiction.

Kraken’s Involvement with Ethereum Foundation

2023 saw a unique intersection of Kraken with the world of cryptocurrency. An Ethereum Foundation-associated wallet was noted to sell 1,700 ETH through Kraken. This transaction garnered attention, signifying the Ethereum Foundation’s strategic movements within their holdings.

Kraken’s Impact on DreamWorks Animation

The world of entertainment also felt Kraken’s influence when DreamWorks Animation released “Teenage Kraken” in 2023. The film revolves around a young kraken mastering her powers, reflecting the band’s enduring influence in various industries.

Kraken and the Seattle Band Dispute

In another 2023 event, a dispute arose between the band Kraken and NHL team Seattle Kraken. A Seattle-based band argued that they had held the name “Kraken” long before the NHL team’s inception. Fortunately, the contention was amicably settled.


So, is Kraken a band? Absolutely. For over three decades, Kraken has been a beacon in the world of Latin American rock. With powerful tunes and a history that’s intertwined with various media facets, Kraken’s legacy is undeniable. For those curious about their music, platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are a good starting point.


1. When was Kraken founded?
Founded in 1983 in Medellín, Colombia.

3. How is Tom Hardy connected to Kraken?
He used the term “fed to the Kraken” metaphorically during a 2014 interview, referring to his 2003 near-death experience and addiction struggles.

4. Did Kraken have a dispute with the NHL team Seattle Kraken?
Yes, a band from Seattle, also named Kraken, had a naming dispute with the NHL team in 2023, which was amicably resolved.

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