Is Kirsty Gallacher Currently Married? A Glimpse into Her Personal Life, Breakdown, and Present Status


kirsty gallacher husband
kirsty gallacher husband

Kirsty Gallacher, a renowned British TV presenter with over 300,000 followers on Instagram, has been the talk of the town due to her personal life. As of September 16, 2023, while she hosts the 1pm Saturday slot on Smooth Radio, many are curious about the current relationship status of Kirsty Gallacher, especially following her past marriage and subsequent divorce.

  1. Summary of Kirsty Gallacher Husband
  2. Kirsty Gallacher’s Marriage to Paul Sampson
  3. Kirsty’s Breakdown Post-Divorce
  4. The Divorce from Paul Sampson
  5. Kirsty Gallacher’s Current Relationship Status
  6. Public Reaction and Media Coverage
  7. Kirsty Gallacher’s Professional Life
  8. Conclusion

Kirsty Gallacher, aged 47 as of today, is not only a notable TV figure but also the cousin of golfer Stephen Gallacher. In 2013, she took up the mantle of being the patron of Hibernian Women. However, the central spotlight shines on her personal life, particularly her relationship with her ex-husband, Paul Sampson.

Summary of Kirsty Gallacher Husband

Date/Year Event
2010 Marriage to Paul Sampson
2013 Named patron of Hibernian Women
2015 Divorce from Paul Sampson
2015 Kirsty’s breakdown post-divorce
2017 Appearance on Celebrity Masterchef
2023 Hosting the 1pm slot on Smooth Radio

Kirsty Gallacher’s Marriage to Paul Sampson

Kirsty Gallacher tied the knot with rugby player Paul Sampson back in 2010. The pair, together for 15 years, are parents to two sons, Oscar and Jude. Their journey as a married couple concluded in 2015 when they decided to part ways.

Kirsty’s Breakdown Post-Divorce

Following her split from Paul Sampson, Kirsty faced immense emotional turmoil. She has openly shared about her post-divorce breakdown, describing her state as “running on empty” and feeling “like a wreck” during that phase.

The Divorce from Paul Sampson

Although the couple’s divorce got finalized in 2015, maintaining a façade of amicability was challenging. Rumors hint at underlying tensions between Kirsty and Paul in the subsequent years.

Kirsty Gallacher’s Current Relationship Status

Since her divorce, whispers have linked Kirsty Gallacher to several individuals, the most recent being TV presenter Paddy McGuinness. However, both parties have outrightly denied such claims. As of now, Kirsty remains unattached, at least in the public eye.

Public Reaction and Media Coverage

Kirsty’s divorce and the subsequent breakdown became a significant media focal point. The masses showcased overwhelming support, lauding her for her bravery in openly discussing her ordeals.

Kirsty Gallacher’s Professional Life

Irrespective of the personal challenges, Kirsty Gallacher has been unstoppable in her professional arena. Apart from her regular appearance on Smooth Radio, she’s also showcased her culinary prowess on Celebrity Masterchef.


Kirsty Gallacher is a testament to resilience. Despite facing numerous adversities in her personal journey, she stands as an inspiration, reflecting that one can always rise above challenges.


Is Kirsty Gallacher currently married?
No, Kirsty Gallacher isn’t currently married.

When did Kirsty Gallacher divorce Paul Sampson?
Kirsty and Paul Sampson divorced in 2015.

Has Kirsty Gallacher dated anyone post-divorce?
She has been linked to a few names, including Paddy McGuinness, but nothing has been confirmed.

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