Is Julian Edelman Dating? Get to Know His Girlfriend Daiane Sodre and Their Intriguing Love Story


Julian Edelman, once the charismatic wide receiver for the New England Patriots, has always been the center of attention both on and off the field. Most recently, the “julian edelman dating” buzz is centered around his romantic involvement with the breathtaking Brazilian model, Daiane Sodre. Delving deeper, this article promises a journey into Julian Edelman’s dating life, offering a closer look at Daiane Sodre and the love tale they’re scripting together.

  1. Summary of Julian Edelman’s dating
  2. Julian Edelman’s Dating History
  3. Who is Daiane Sodre?
  4. The Love Story of Julian Edelman and Daiane Sodre
  5. Julian Edelman’s Connection to Jerry Rice
  6. Conclusion

Julian Edelman has won countless hearts not just with his football prowess but also with his dashing looks and irresistible charm. Though his name has been associated with several beauties in the past, it’s with Daiane Sodre that he seems to have found a meaningful connection.

Summary of Julian Edelman’s dating

Relationship Timeline Details
Adriana Lima 2016 – 2017 Celebrated Patriots’ Super Bowl victory together
Ella Rowe Brief Rumored involvement
Jaqui Rice High School Prom date, short-lived romance
Daiane Sodre 2018 – Present Current love, solid bond, unwed as of now

Julian Edelman’s Dating History

Edelman’s dating life has often been the talk of the town. In 2016, he was romantically involved with the enchanting Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima. Their whirlwind romance included celebrating Patriots’ Super Bowl win together. But by 2017, the flames of their relationship subsided. Whispers also linked him to British beauty, Ella Rowe, and Jaqui Rice, NFL legend Jerry Rice’s daughter. Yet, none took the spotlight as his relationship with Daiane Sodre does now.

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Who is Daiane Sodre?

For those unaware, Daiane Sodre is more than just a pretty face. Born in the picturesque town of Baixa Grande, Bahia, Brazil, Sodre’s modeling career started early. Today, she’s an internationally recognized figure, walking ramps for top fashion brands and featuring in campaigns for the likes of Victoria’s Secret and Chanel. Beyond her career, her vibrant personality and commitment to social causes make her truly special.

The Love Story of Julian Edelman and Daiane Sodre

Julian and Daiane’s paths crossed in 2018. Since then, their bond has only grown. While they have chosen to keep their love life away from the limelight, occasional sightings during vacations or sporting events give away their closeness. In 2020, a social media post from Edelman featuring Sodre made their relationship public. Their shared passion for fitness, travel, and mutual respect for each other’s careers is evident, hinting that wedding bells might not be too far off.

Julian Edelman’s Connection to Jerry Rice

Edelman’s connection to Jerry Rice is more personal than professional. He once dated Rice’s daughter, Jaqui, during his high school days. Memories of attending prom together, living together briefly, and even trying on Jerry Rice’s Super Bowl rings are some stories Edelman often recalls. Despite the end of their romance, Edelman still holds respect and admiration for Jerry Rice and shares a friendly rapport with Jaqui.


Navigating through the colorful love life of Julian Edelman, it’s evident that with Daiane Sodre, he’s found more than just a partner. Their story, built on mutual admiration, respect, and shared passions, is one that fans and well-wishers look forward to witnessing further.


1. Who is Julian Edelman currently dating?
He’s in a relationship with Brazilian model, Daiane Sodre.

2. When did Julian and Daiane start their relationship?
They began dating around 2018.

3. What’s the link between Julian Edelman and Jerry Rice?
Julian dated Jerry’s daughter, Jaqui, during his high school days.

4. Has Julian Edelman dated any other famous personalities?
Yes, he has dated personalities like Adriana Lima and has been rumored to be involved with Ella Rowe and Jaqui Rice.

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