Is Josh Duhamel Girlfriend Audra Mari Expecting a Baby?


In September 2023, the internet buzzed with excitement when Josh Duhamel and his girlfriend, Audra Mari, announced they were expecting a baby. This thrilling revelation came just one year after they committed to each other in a serene wedding ceremony in Fargo, North Dakota.

  1. Summary of “josh duhamel girlfriend” Article
  2. Transition from High-Profile to Low-Key Romance
  3. Introduction to Audra Mari
  4. Addressing the Age Gap and Their “Safe Haven”
  5. Recollecting Their Wedding Moments
  6. Peering into Josh’s Past Relationships
  7. A Glimpse into Their Relationship Timeline
  8. Relishing in Playful Moments
  9. The Engagement’s Echo
  10. Reflecting on Their Journey

Their story is a captivating one, illustrating how love can bloom in the most unexpected circumstances. From high-profile relationships to tranquil romance, let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Josh Duhamel and his girlfriend, Audra Mari.

Summary of “josh duhamel girlfriend” Article

Highlights Events and Dates
First Meeting 2019, at a yacht party in Miami
Relationship Goes Public 2020
Engagement January 2021
Marriage 2022, in Fargo, North Dakota
Baby Announcement September 2023

Transition from High-Profile to Low-Key Romance

Josh’s previous relationship with singer Fergie was in the limelight, making headlines for years. Their separation was widely covered by the media. Afterward, seeking a more subdued relationship, Josh found solace in Audra’s company.

Introduction to Audra Mari

Audra Mari, the former Miss World America, isn’t just a beauty queen. She’s also embarked on her journey in the modeling and acting realm. Their paths crossed in 2019 at a vibrant yacht party in Miami. It was an instant connection, leading to deep conversations that night.

Addressing the Age Gap and Their “Safe Haven”

21 years might stand between them, but for Josh and Audra, age is merely a number. Their bond transcends age, offering a sanctuary for both. Their shared moments and experiences have only solidified their bond over time.

Recollecting Their Wedding Moments

The couple decided on a close-knit ceremony in North Dakota, with only their nearest and dearest present. Amidst the warmth of a fireplace, they exchanged their heartfelt vows.

Peering into Josh’s Past Relationships

Before Audra, Josh shared his life with a few notable personalities, including Fergie and briefly, actress Megan Fox.

A Glimpse into Their Relationship Timeline

  • 2019: The stars aligned for Josh and Audra in Miami.
  • 2020: They took their relationship public, painting the town red.
  • 2021: Rings were exchanged, and they got engaged.
  • 2022: The duo said their ‘I dos’ in North Dakota.
  • 2023: The couple shared the delightful news of their forthcoming baby.

Relishing in Playful Moments

Their age gap provides ample opportunities for light-hearted banter. Halloween sees them in fun costumes, with Josh occasionally referring to himself humorously as Audra’s “sugar daddy.”

The Engagement’s Echo

The joyous news of their engagement in January 2022 was shared on Instagram, capturing a moment of pure bliss with the caption, “She said yes!”

Reflecting on Their Journey

Josh Duhamel and Audra Mari’s relationship has been a testament to love’s enduring nature. As they await the birth of their baby, we can only send them our best wishes for this new chapter.


Who is Josh Duhamel’s current girlfriend?
Audra Mari, a former Miss World America.

When did Josh Duhamel and Audra Mari get engaged?
They got engaged in January 2021.

Are Josh and Audra expecting a child?
Yes, in September 2023, they announced they are expecting their first child.

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