Is Jerry Jeudy Injury Affecting the Bronco Season?


Jerry Jeudy, the Denver Broncos’ top receiver, suffered a hamstring injury on August 24, 2023, during a joint practice with the Los Angeles Rams. The promising wide receiver made a promising return to practice on September 6, 2023, at 2:34 p.m., sparking hope for the team and fans as they approach the season opener against the Las Vegas Raiders.

  1. Summary of Jerry Jeudy Injury
  2. Injury Details
  3. Previous Injuries
  4. Jerry Jeudy’s Importance to the Broncos
  5. Recovery Expectations
  6. Fans and Jerry Jeudy
  7. FAQs

Given Jeudy’s importance to the Broncos, many are wondering about the impact of his injury on the team’s performance. Jeudy, renowned for his catching capabilities, had been sidelined for two weeks, missing essential preparations ahead of the new NFL season.

Summary of Jerry Jeudy Injury

Date Event
August 24, 2023 Jerry Jeudy suffers hamstring injury in practice.
September 6, 2023 Jeudy returns to practice as a limited participant.
September 10, 2023 Broncos season opener against the Las Vegas Raiders

Injury Details

Jeudy’s injury occurred during an end-around play in a practice session. He suddenly pulled up, grabbing at his right hamstring, which later was diagnosed as a strain. The unexpected nature of hamstring injuries, especially for a player of Jeudy’s caliber, is always a concern.

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The team’s decision not to place him on short-term injured reserve indicates the potential for his return in the early weeks of the season. Yet, his participation might be limited due to the injury’s nature.

Previous Injuries

This isn’t Jeudy’s first time dealing with an injury. On June 13, 2022, he experienced an Inguinal Groin Pull. He also suffered a right high-ankle sprain during Week 1’s triumph over the Giants, leading him to be placed on IR, causing him to miss six games.

Jerry Jeudy’s Importance to the Broncos

Jeudy is undeniably a cornerstone player for the Broncos. In the previous season, he led the team with 91 receptions, 953 yards, and four touchdowns. With fellow player Courtland Sutton also injured, Jeudy’s absence would pose a significant setback for the Broncos.

Recovery Expectations

Hamstring strains, like the one Jeudy suffered, generally have a healing timeframe of 4-6 weeks. However, there’s always an inherent risk of aggravating the injury if not given adequate rest.

Fans and Jerry Jeudy

For ardent supporters, Jeudy’s injury is a source of concern. However, their unwavering support can uplift his spirits. Fans can wish him a quick recovery and remain patient as he works his way back onto the field.


What type of injury did Jerry Jeudy sustain?
Jerry Jeudy suffered a hamstring injury.

When is he expected to return fully?
The usual recovery time for a hamstring strain is 4-6 weeks. However, the exact return date depends on his recovery progress.

How crucial is Jeudy for the Broncos?
Jeudy is a key player for the Broncos, having been their top receiver last season.

Has Jeudy had injuries before?
Yes, he had an Inguinal Groin Pull in 2022 and a high-ankle sprain during Week 1.

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