Is Hurricane Lee Hitting Rhode Island? Understanding Its Trajectory and Possible Effects


Rhode Island residents are no stranger to the devastating impacts of hurricanes, with Hurricane Bob in 1991 still fresh in many memories. Currently, eyes are fixed on Hurricane Lee, a significant Category 3 storm, whirling north of Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Lee’s Current Status
Hurricane Lee, presently located north of Puerto Rico, boasts as a formidable Category 3 storm. Its presence in open waters right now doesn’t discount its potential threat to the New England region in the near future.

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Summary of “Is Hurricane Lee Hitting Rhode Island?”

Date Event
September 15, 2023 Hurricane Lee recognized as a Category 3 storm.
September 16, 2023 Lee’s anticipated turn northward in the Atlantic.
September 17, 2023 Issuance of Tropical Storm Watch for coastal New England.
September 18, 2023 Predicted landfall of Hurricane Lee in New England.
September 19, 2023 Expected exit of Hurricane Lee from New England.

Forecast Discussion
Forecasters are buzzing with predictions, suggesting that Hurricane Lee might edge closer to New England soon. Recent observations from the National Weather Service even indicate tornado-induced damages in Rhode Island, hinting at the storm’s growing intensity.

Outer Bands Impact on Bermuda
Bermuda, a neighboring island, is already feeling Hurricane Lee’s wrath. With its outer bands reaching the island, large surf and potential flood conditions are imminent.

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Threat to New England
New England is on high alert as Hurricane Lee barrels its way north. Coastal communities, in particular, are prepping for violent storms and the associated risks.

Path and Timeline
Meteorological data and projections are vital in these tense times. The anticipation is that Hurricane Lee could strike New England over the weekend, after undergoing some weakening.

Potential Hazards
With the storm inching closer, several threats loom over the horizon:

  • Coastal regions might face flooding challenges.
  • High-intensity winds, possibly reaching 70 mph, are expected.
  • Areas could witness a deluge with up to 6 inches of rain.
  • An unlikely, yet possible threat of tornadoes exists, especially around eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Tropical Storm Watch for Coastal New England
Coastal New England is now under a Tropical Storm Watch. With Hurricane Lee’s trajectory shifting closer to the coast, threats of strong winds, rainfall, and coastal flooding are increasingly probable.

Historical Perspective
The scars left by Hurricane Bob in 1991, which wreaked havoc in Rhode Island, serve as a grim reminder of the destruction hurricanes can cause. The storm’s damage, both physical and financial, remains one of the most significant in the state’s history.

Hurricane Lee’s Critical Turn
Wednesday is expected to see Hurricane Lee take a decisive turn towards the north in the Atlantic. This change in direction is bound to escalate risks related to tropical storm winds and precarious beach conditions.

Impact on Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Adding to Rhode Island’s concerns is the possibility of heavy rainfall in eastern Massachusetts. This predicament could be exacerbated, given the recent flash floods that affected the region.

While the path of Hurricane Lee remains somewhat uncertain, what’s clear is the need for vigilance. Residents of Rhode Island and the broader New England area must stay updated with the latest forecasts and prioritize safety.


  • Is Hurricane Lee a major threat to Rhode Island?
    As of now, while Lee is a Category 3 hurricane, it might weaken slightly before potentially hitting Rhode Island. However, residents should remain cautious and updated.
  • When did the last significant hurricane hit Rhode Island?
    Hurricane Bob in 1991 was the last major hurricane to significantly impact Rhode Island.
  • What precautions should coastal New England residents take?
    Staying informed, securing outdoor objects, preparing for possible power outages, and considering evacuation if necessary are all prudent precautions.
  • What are the primary concerns with Hurricane Lee?
    Coastal flooding, high-intensity winds, heavy rainfall, and the possibility of tornadoes are the primary threats associated with Hurricane Lee.
— by Ritesh Agrawal