Is Hamas Supported by Palestine? Unveiling Its Roots, Power, and Ties with Iran


When the question arises, “is Hamas backed by Palestine?” it is essential to delve into the intricate relationships, history, and ideological connections that shape the Palestinian territories today. Founded in 1987, Hamas’s control over the Gaza Strip since 2007 and its ties to Iran have been pivotal in the Israeli-Palestinian discourse. It’s equally crucial to comprehend the public perception of this organization within the Palestinian territories.

  1. Summary of “is Hamas backed by palestine”
  2. What is Hamas?
  3. Hamas’s Control of Gaza Strip
  4. Hamas’s Relationship with Iran
  5. Hamas’s Dedication to Palestinian Statehood
  6. Hamas’s Stance on Israel
  7. Public Perception of Hamas
  8. Conclusion

Hamas, originating as a branch of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, has been a central figure in the Palestinian territories, especially since 2007. While Iran backs the organization, offering financial and military support, its association with the broader Palestinian narrative, and particularly the Palestinian Authority, is multifaceted. Hence, the query, “is Hamas backed by Palestine?” is intricate and multifaceted.

Summary of “is Hamas backed by palestine”

Key Points Details
Origin Founded in 1987, offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood
Control over Gaza Established control in 2007
Relationship with Iran Receives financial and military support
Stance on Israel Doesn’t recognize Israel, supports a Palestinian state on 1967 borders
Public Perception Initially supportive, now mixed views
Connection with Palestine Complex ties, not directly backed by Palestinian Authority

What is Hamas?

Emerging in 1987 amidst the First Intifada, Hamas evolved from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, aligning itself with its Islamist ideologies. Advocating for the cessation of the Israeli occupation, the organization’s ethos is deeply intertwined with Iran’s backing. It’s an imperative aspect to understand when asking, “What is Hamas, how does it control the Gaza Strip and why has Israel declared war?”

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Hamas’s Control of Gaza Strip

The year 2007 marked a significant shift when Hamas, after a brief conflict with Fatah forces, ousted President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, taking control of the Gaza Strip. This cemented their status as a prominent force, giving rise to the phrase, “Hamas has been in power in the Gaza Strip since 2007.”

Hamas’s Relationship with Iran

Iran’s association with Hamas is foundational to the latter’s power dynamics. With substantial financial, military, and training support, Iran has consistently backed Hamas’s endeavors. This relationship is encapsulated in the sentiment, “Hamas is backed by Iran, which funds it and provides weapons and training.”

Hamas’s Dedication to Palestinian Statehood

Hamas’s dedication to establishing an independent Palestinian state is strengthened by its ties with Iran. The statement “Hamas has close ties to Iran, and, with Tehran’s backing, is dedicated to the creation of an independent Palestinian state” reflects their unwavering commitment to this cause.

Hamas’s Stance on Israel

Despite its dedication to Palestinian statehood, Hamas remains steadfast in its refusal to recognize Israel. Their perspective is encapsulated in the idea that, “Unlike the PLO, Hamas does not recognize Israel’s statehood but accepts a Palestinian state on 1967 borders.”

Public Perception of Hamas

In its early years, Hamas was perceived by many Palestinians as the primary resistor to Israeli forces. However, over time, this perception has evolved, with some growing critical of its methods and efficacy. This changing sentiment is captured in the notion, “In the early years, Hamas was widely embraced by Palestinians, but perceptions have shifted over time.”


Understanding Hamas’s role, origins, affiliations, and public perception is pivotal in addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While the question “is Hamas backed by Palestine?” may not have a straightforward answer, it’s undeniable that Hamas remains a significant player in the region’s political landscape.


1. When was Hamas founded?
Hamas was founded in 1987 during the First Intifada.

2. What is Hamas’s relationship with Iran?
Hamas has close ties with Iran, receiving financial, military, and training support.

3. Does Hamas recognize the state of Israel?
No, Hamas refuses to recognize Israel’s statehood.

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