Is Erika Jayne Moving On? The Latest Buzz About Her Boyfriend


Erika Jayne, a prominent name from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has been in the spotlight, not just for her show, but also for her personal life. The 52-year-old, previously married to Tom Girardi for 20 years, is rumored to have started a new chapter in her love life.

  1. Summary of erika jayne boyfriend
  2. A Brief Backstory
  3. New Beginnings for Erika?
  4. The Vegas Connection
  5. Age Is Just a Number
  6. Final Thoughts

The TV star, who went through a publicized split from her 84-year-old husband, Tom Girardi, in 2020, has been recently spotted with several new faces. Rumors have been swirling around, and fans are eager to know: Who is Erika Jayne’s new boyfriend?

Summary of erika jayne boyfriend

Key Information Details
Age 52
Previous Marriage Tom Girardi (20 years)
Divorce Year 2020
Recent Links Jim Wilkes II, Michael Gaughan
Spotted Las Vegas
Friends and Support Mikey Minden

A Brief Backstory

Erika has had her share of ups and downs over the years. Her divorce with Tom Girardi, who faced legal troubles of his own, was a tumultuous period for her. She’s been leaning on her inner circle for support during these challenging times. She mentioned, “Mikey [Minden] is forever a friend… and I’ve leaned on him.”

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New Beginnings for Erika?

The Bravo star was recently pictured with Jim Wilkes II, igniting rumors about their relationship. However, it didn’t stop there. Erika was also linked to businessman and Las Vegas casino owner Michael Gaughan, 80. The internet has been abuzz with questions like, “Who is Erika Jayne’s new boyfriend Michael Gaughan, and how affluent is he?”

The Vegas Connection

Erika was notably seen in Las Vegas with a rumored new love interest. “Spotted! Erika Jayne in Las Vegas with a rumored new man!” shared the Real Housewives Zone on Instagram, crediting Reality B-tch for the discovery.

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Age Is Just a Number

While some sources suggest she’s been dating older men, other reports hint at Erika finding love with someone younger. With all the speculations around, the only clear thing is that Erika Jayne’s love life remains a topic of intrigue and discussion.

Final Thoughts

With a life as public as hers, Erika Jayne’s relationships will inevitably garner attention. As of now, the question remains: Is Erika Jayne truly moving on and finding love again, or are these just passing rumors? Only time will tell.


1. Who is Erika Jayne?
Erika Jayne is a TV personality known for her role in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

2. Is Erika Jayne dating Michael Gaughan?
Rumors suggest that Erika Jayne was linked to businessman Michael Gaughan, but no confirmation has been provided.

3. Where was Erika Jayne recently spotted?
Erika Jayne was recently spotted in Las Vegas with a rumored new beau.

4. How long was Erika Jayne married to Tom Girardi?
Erika Jayne was married to Tom Girardi for 20 years before their split in 2020.

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