Is Deshaun Watson Lawsuit Nearing a Conclusion? A Comprehensive Update on the Ongoing Legal Battles


Since March 2021, the prominent NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson has been under the media spotlight due to 26 lawsuits filed against him. These lawsuits, mainly centered around alleged sexual misconduct during massage sessions, have notably affected Watson’s professional trajectory and reputation.

Overview of Lawsuits

From March 2021 onwards, a total of 26 women accused Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct. Although none of these cases reached trial in front of a judge and jury, it wasn’t due to lack of evidence or dismissal. On the contrary, out of these, 23 women opted for confidential settlements over a courtroom battle. As it stands, only two lawsuits remain unresolved.

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Summary of deshaun watson lawsuit

Date Event
March 2021 Initiation of the lawsuits against Deshaun Watson
2021-2022 24 women filed lawsuits, 22 settled confidentially
2022 NFL imposes an 11-game suspension on Watson
January 2023 Grand Jury in Harris County, Texas, declined indictment
2023 Only two lawsuits remain unresolved

Allegations and Denials

The allegations, consistent across the board, accuse Watson of inappropriate behavior and coercive sexual actions during massage sessions. Watson has consistently denied these accusations, maintaining that any sexual encounters were consensual.

Duration of Legal Troubles

It’s been over two years since Deshaun Watson first faced these legal allegations. The initiation of this tumultuous period traces back to the first lawsuit lodged against him, marking a significant point in his life and career.

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NFL Suspension

The repercussions weren’t just legal. The NFL’s investigation culminated in an 11-game suspension for Watson based on breaches of the league’s personal conduct policy. This suspension further intensified the debate and conversations surrounding his career trajectory and choices.

Recent Developments

In the latest updates related to the “deshaun watson lawsuit,” despite the numerous accusations, Watson hasn’t faced criminal indictment. With the civil lawsuits still hovering, he continues to navigate both his legal challenges and professional commitments. The Cleveland Browns, for instance, traded for the quarterback even amidst these allegations, showcasing the complexities of this case.

Impact on the NFL

This lawsuit transcends just Watson; it brings into question the NFL’s practices and protocols. The league’s handling of the case, especially Watson’s suspension, has drawn both support and criticism. The broader conversation now revolves around the NFL’s personal conduct policy and its approach to such serious allegations.


As the narrative of Deshaun Watson’s lawsuit continues to evolve, its ramifications on his career and the NFL at large are undeniable. The future still holds many unanswered questions, and only time will reveal the complete story.


1. How many lawsuits were filed against Deshaun Watson?
A total of 26 lawsuits were filed against Deshaun Watson since March 2021.

2. Did any of the cases go to trial?
No, none of the lawsuits went to trial. Twenty-three of them were settled confidentially, and two remain unresolved.

3. What were the nature of the allegations against Watson?
Watson was accused of sexual misconduct during massage sessions, ranging from inappropriate behavior to coercive sexual actions.

4. What action did the NFL take against Watson?
The NFL suspended Watson for 11 games due to violations of the league’s personal conduct policy.

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