Is Demi Lovato Dating? A Glimpse into Her Relationship Timeline


The world of entertainment is always abuzz with news and updates about celebrities and their relationships. Demi Lovato, an acclaimed artist with countless hits to her name, has been in the limelight not only for her music but also for her relationships. While Liam Payne is recently making headlines due to a health scare, our focus is on Lovato’s relationship journey. Here’s a concise look.

  1. Summary of demi lovato girlfriend
  2. Demi Lovato’s Relationship History
  3. Joe Jonas’ Relationship History
  4. Lovato’s Relationship with Jordan Lutes
  5. Lovato’s Relationship with Austin Wilson
  6. Past Relationship with Wilmer Valderrama
  7. Current Relationship Status
  8. Demi Lovato’s Dating History
  9. Conclusion

Demi Lovato’s relationships have always garnered media attention, reflecting her ever-evolving journey of love and self-discovery. Recent headlines mentioned Liam Payne’s hospitalization due to a kidney infection, but today, we dive deep into Lovato’s romantic history.

Summary of demi lovato girlfriend

Aspect Details
Recent News Liam Payne’s recent health scare
Relationship with Joe Jonas Part of Joe’s high-profile relationships
Bond with Jordan Lutes Collaboration leading to a special connection
Time with Austin Wilson Shared a now-deleted photo captioned “My ❤️”
Years with Wilmer Valderrama Dated on and off for six years until 2016
Current Boyfriend Musician Jutes, dating since August 2022
Notable Past Associations Linked with Noah Cyrus and seen with Lauren Abedini in California

Demi Lovato’s Relationship History

Joe Jonas’ Relationship History

Joe Jonas, popularly known for hits like “Sucker”, has had his fair share of high-profile relationships. His romantic timeline includes names like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid. Notably, Demi Lovato also finds a mention in this list, showcasing their shared past.

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Lovato’s Relationship with Jordan Lutes

Music has a way of kindling romance. For Demi Lovato, her musical collaboration with Jordan Lutes evolved into something more personal and intimate. Their studio time together paved the way for a special connection.

Lovato’s Relationship with Austin Wilson

November memories bring to mind Lovato’s relationship with the 25-year-old model, Austin Wilson. Their bond was once immortalized in a now-deleted photo captioned “My ❤️…”

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Past Relationship with Wilmer Valderrama

Taking a trip down memory lane, Lovato’s relationship with ‘That ’70s Show’ star, Wilmer Valderrama, stands out. Their on-and-off love story spanned six years before culminating in 2016.

Current Relationship Status

Demi Lovato’s heart now beats for the musician, Jutes. They officially started their romantic symphony in August 2022 and have been making harmonious melodies ever since.

Demi Lovato’s Dating History

Over the years, Demi Lovato has been romantically associated with various individuals. While her bond with several women, like Noah Cyrus, has been noted, she once made headlines walking hand-in-hand with Lauren Abedini, also known as Kittens, in California.


Demi Lovato’s journey of love is filled with memories, lessons, and melodies. Currently dating Jutes, her past showcases a spectrum of relationships. As fans, we look forward to more harmonious chapters in her romantic tale.

1. Who is Demi Lovato currently dating?
Demi Lovato is currently in a relationship with musician Jutes.

2. How long did Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama date?
They dated on and off for about six years until 2016.

3. Has Demi Lovato been associated with any female celebrities?
Yes, Demi has been linked with several women, including Noah Cyrus and Lauren Abedini.

4. When did Demi Lovato and Jutes go public with their relationship?
They officially announced their relationship in August 2022.

— by Parth Shastri