Is Deion Sander Son, Shedeur Sanders, the Next Big Thing in College Football?


In recent college football news, Deion Sanders’ son, Shedeur Sanders, spearheaded Colorado’s thrilling victory against No. 17 TCU. On that Saturday, Shedeur showcased his prowess, amassing 510 passing yards and four touchdowns. Additionally, he also made an impressive 35-yard dash during the game.

  1. Shedeur and Shilo – Transfers to Colorado
  2. Summary of deion sanders son
  3. Shedeur Sanders’ Remarkable Performance
  4. Shilo Sanders – Following in His Father’s Footsteps
  5. Deion Sanders Jr. – A Family of Achievers
  6. Tom Brady’s Recognition
  7. Family Legacy
  8. Conclusion

Shedeur and Shilo – Transfers to Colorado

Both Shedeur and Shilo Sanders, sons of the Pro Football Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders, made the shift to Colorado, following their father’s footsteps. Their prior affiliation was with Jackson State University, where Deion held the position of head coach. While Shedeur shines as a quarterback, Shilo showcases his skill set as a safety.

Summary of deion sanders son

Son Position School Notable Achievements
Shedeur Sanders Quarterback Colorado 510 passing yards and 4 touchdowns in debut game against TCU
Shilo Sanders Safety Colorado 5 tackles, including one for a loss, in the Buffaloes’ win over TCU
Deion Sanders Jr. Entrepreneur Social media influencer Played football at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Shedeur Sanders’ Remarkable Performance

Shedeur’s inaugural performance for the Colorado Buffaloes against TCU was stellar. Clocking in 38 out of 47 passes, he racked up 510 yards and secured four touchdowns. This jaw-dropping performance played a pivotal role in overturning a 13-point lag, culminating in a triumphant 45-42 score for the Buffaloes.

Shilo Sanders – Following in His Father’s Footsteps

Shilo Sanders is not just known for being Deion Sanders’ son. His credentials as a football safety are gaining traction. With five tackles, one of which was a loss, in the game against TCU, Shilo is rapidly cementing his legacy in college football, reminiscent of his father’s illustrious career.

Deion Sanders Jr. – A Family of Achievers

The Sanders family isn’t just about sports. Deion Sanders Jr. stands out as an entrepreneur and an influential figure in the realm of social media. Beyond his business endeavors, Deion Jr. also tasted the football turf, playing for the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Tom Brady’s Recognition

The legendary quarterback, Tom Brady, did not hold back in expressing his admiration for Shedeur Sanders. Following the match against TCU, Brady took to Twitter, lauding the young quarterback’s remarkable prowess, hinting that “Shedeur Sanders is the truth.”

Family Legacy

The Sanders name resonates deeply within the football community. With Deion Sanders’ enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and his sons, Shedeur and Shilo, carving their niches in college football, the Sanders’ influence is undeniable. Moreover, Deion Jr.’s endeavors outside football ensure that the Sanders name is recognized in multiple spheres.


Shedeur Sanders’ rapid ascent in college football hints at a promising future. His skills as a quarterback are undeniable, mirroring the legacy of his father. Shilo Sanders, on the other hand, continues to forge his path in football. Collectively, the Sanders family’s impact on football is profound, promising many more headlines in the coming years.

Q: How did Shedeur Sanders perform in his debut game?
A: Shedeur threw for 510 yards, securing four touchdowns against TCU.

Q: Who are Deion Sanders’ sons involved in football?
A: Shedeur and Shilo Sanders are actively involved in college football.

Q: What was Tom Brady’s reaction to Shedeur’s performance?
A: Tom Brady praised Shedeur on Twitter, highlighting his potential in the football world.

Q: Apart from football, what does Deion Sanders Jr. do?
A: Deion Sanders Jr. is an entrepreneur and a notable social media influencer.

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