Is David Muir Salary Reflective of His Stature in 2023?


As we delve into the third quarter of 2023, questions around prominent personalities’ earnings are always rife. One such inquiry that has been capturing attention is: “david muir salary”. David Muir, the notable face of ABC News, particularly known for his significant contributions to ABC World News Tonight and 20/20, stands as one of the industry’s most esteemed journalists. Reflecting his stature, his remuneration is understandably a hot topic.

  1. Summary of david muir salary
  2. David Muir’s Career Overview
  3. David Muir’s Reported Salary
  4. Alternative Salary Reports
  5. The Average Salary for a David Muir in the United States
  6. David Muir’s Annual Salary for ABC Duties
  7. Conclusion

Going by real-time data and accessible resources, David Muir’s 2023 salary and his career trajectory are certainly noteworthy. Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration.

Summary of david muir salary

Date Data Summary
October 3, 2023 $62,715 Average salary for individuals named David Muir in the US
2023 $8 million David Muir’s annual compensation for roles at ABC
2018 $5-$7 million Reported salary range for David Muir post his 20/20 anchoring
2022 $10 million Speculated annual salary for David Muir

David Muir’s Career Overview

Having joined ABC News back in 2003 as a correspondent for World News Tonight, David Muir’s rise in the journalism world has been nothing short of meteoric. By 2014, he was already the anchor of the program. Subsequently, in 2018, he began anchoring 20/20. Covering significant global events, from the 2016 US presidential elections to the pressing issues of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war, Muir’s reportage has consistently been insightful, making a personal connect with viewers.

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David Muir’s Reported Salary

Direct numbers from ABC News regarding David Muir’s salary remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, sources have frequently cited a figure ranging between $5 and $7 million annually. These claims became particularly pronounced after 2018, coinciding with his appointment as the anchor of 20/20.

Alternative Salary Reports

The narrative around “david muir salary” isn’t uniform. While $5-$7 million annually is the most echoed figure, speculations in 2022 suggested that the figure could be as high as $10 million annually. Such discrepancies could stem from several factors: an increment since 2018 or possibly inclusion of additional compensations like bonuses in some reports.

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The Average Salary for a David Muir in the United States

An interesting data point from ZipRecruiter, as of October 3, 2023, shows that the average annual salary for individuals named David Muir stands at $62,715 in the US. It’s imperative to distinguish that this statistic has no bearing on David Muir, the ABC News Anchor.

David Muir’s Annual Salary for ABC Duties

Piecing together the available data, it’s inferred that David Muir’s annual remuneration for his roles at ABC approximates $8 million. Not only does this greatly surpass the average for other David Muirs in the US, but it also aligns with the commonly suggested bracket of $5-$7 million.


David Muir’s estimated annual earnings of $8 million spotlight his monumental standing in American journalism. Synonymous with reliability, Muir’s compensation is a testament to his pivotal role at ABC News.


1. Who is David Muir?
David Muir is a distinguished ABC News Anchor celebrated for his roles in ABC World News Tonight and 20/20.

2. What is the reported salary range for David Muir?
The most frequently cited range for David Muir’s annual salary is between $5 and $7 million.

3. What was the speculative figure for Muir’s salary in 2022?
In 2022, there were claims suggesting David Muir’s annual earnings might be around $10 million.

4. How does David Muir’s salary compare to the average salary of other individuals named David Muir in the US?
David Muir’s estimated salary for his ABC roles is significantly higher, standing at approximately $8 million in 2023, while the average for other individuals with the same name is $62,715.

— by Omkar Bahl