Is Catriona Carey Just DJ Carey Sister or an Irish Sports Icon?


dj carey sister
dj carey sister

In the shadows of DJ Carey’s monumental GAA career, another Carey has made significant contributions to Irish sports – Catriona Carey. Born in 1978, Catriona has been a commendable athlete in her own right, proving that the Carey legacy isn’t limited to hurling alone. Though recent events have made her the topic of national conversations, it’s crucial to explore her journey objectively, acknowledging both her contributions to sports and the controversies she’s faced.

  1. DJ Carey’s GAA Career and Achievements
  2. Summary of dj carey sister
  3. DJ Carey’s Siblings
  4. Catriona Carey’s Sporting Journey
  5. Catriona Carey’s Personal Life
  6. Catriona Carey’s Legal Issues
  7. Catriona Carey’s Impact on DJ Carey
  8. Catriona Carey’s Public Image
  9. Conclusion

DJ Carey’s GAA Career and Achievements

DJ Carey’s exploits in the world of hurling are stuff of legends. Representing Kilkenny from 1993 to 2010, he pocketed seven All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championships. Additionally, with over 1,000 points, he is Kilkenny hurling team’s all-time leading scorer. Recognitions like the Hurler of the Year in 1999 and 2002, plus 11 All-Star team selections, make his résumé even more impressive.

Summary of dj carey sister

Date Event
1978 Catriona Carey’s birth in Gowran, County Kilkenny
1995 Clara GAA’s Féile na nGael victory with Catriona
2004 Catriona’s Leinster Senior Camogie Championship win
2006 Catriona features in the Field Hockey World Cup
2022 Catriona gets a two-year sentence for fraud
2023 DJ Carey’s alleged involvement in a cancer treatment scam

DJ Carey’s Siblings

Born as the eldest among four, DJ shares his lineage with two brothers, Martin and John, and a sister, Catriona. While Martin had his moment under the sun as a substitute goalkeeper for Kilkenny, John played club hurling for Clara GAA.

Catriona Carey’s Sporting Journey

Catriona’s prowess isn’t confined to being “dj carey sister”. A shining star in camogie, she was instrumental in leading Clara GAA to victory in Féile na nGael in 1995. Her skills weren’t limited to camogie alone; she represented Ireland in the women’s national field hockey team.

Catriona Carey’s Personal Life

Rooted in Gowran, County Kilkenny, Catriona’s passion for sports is a family trait. Their parents, Joe and Deirdre Carey, had their moments in hurling and camogie respectively, influencing their children’s love for sports.

Catriona Carey’s Legal Issues

However, not all has been smooth sailing for Catriona. 2022 saw her convicted of fraud, leading to a two-year prison sentence. The case gained more attention when it was revealed that she defrauded several individuals, including her brother, DJ Carey.

Catriona Carey’s Impact on DJ Carey

The bond between the Carey siblings remains intact, even amidst storms. In 2023, allegations arose against DJ Carey about a suspected cancer treatment scam, where significant sums were transferred to Catriona’s bank account.

Catriona Carey’s Public Image

While her achievements in Irish sports earn her respect, Catriona’s public image took a hit post her legal issues. However, many still remember her for her athletic contributions rather than the controversies.


Catriona Carey’s life is a tale of highs and lows. While she has carved a niche for herself in the annals of Irish sports, her legal troubles have also made headlines. Yet, her impact on sports and her enduring bond with her family, especially DJ Carey, cannot be understated.


Who is DJ Carey’s sister?
Catriona Carey is the sister of DJ Carey and has her own legacy in Irish sports, particularly in camogie and field hockey.

When was Catriona Carey convicted of fraud?
Catriona was convicted of fraud in 2022 and was sentenced to two years in prison.

What is Catriona Carey known for in sports?
Apart from being “dj carey sister”, Catriona is recognized for her contributions to camogie, notably with the Clara GAA team, and her representation of the Ireland women’s national field hockey team.

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