Is Buddy Franklin Farewell the End of an AFL Era?


Lance “Buddy” Franklin, with 354 remarkable appearances under his belt, bid adieu to the AFL on August 27, 2023. The SCG came alive as Sydney Swans fans rallied to commemorate this legend’s final game. An emotional undercurrent coursed through the packed stadium, marking an end of an era in AFL.

  1. Summary of buddy franklin farewell
  2. The Remarkable Farewell Scene
  3. Sydney Swans Fans’ Emotional Farewell
  4. AFL Round 24 News: Honoring the Legend
  5. Notable Details in the Farewell Lap
  6. Emotional Lap of Honour
  7. Family’s Presence and Their Role
  8. Conclusion

The farewell was not just a tribute to Franklin’s illustrious career, but also a testament to the bond between an athlete and the fans. With television cameras capturing every moment, the day was etched in history, reminding fans of the impact Buddy had on the sport and their hearts.

Summary of buddy franklin farewell

Date Event
August 27, 2023 Buddy Franklin announces retirement from AFL.
August 27, 2023 Sydney Swans fans give Franklin a touching farewell at the SCG.
August 27, 2023 Buddy’s farewell unfolds during AFL round 24 against Melbourne Demons.
August 27, 2023 Franklin’s emotion-packed lap of honour takes place.
August 27, 2023 The Franklin family’s unwavering support is evident throughout the farewell.

The Remarkable Farewell Scene

Lance Franklin, affectionately known as Buddy, was not alone in his final bow. His wife Jesinta, along with their children Rocky and Tallulah, stood by him, making the scene even more touching. As the crowd bore witness to these heartfelt moments, it became evident just how much Franklin’s 354 game-long journey had meant to them.

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Sydney Swans Fans’ Emotional Farewell

The resonance of Buddy’s name across the SCG highlighted the admiration and respect fans held for him. Their banners, swaying in unity, and their tear-filled eyes painted a vivid picture. Their heartfelt farewell mirrored the passion and commitment Franklin showed every time he stepped onto the field.

AFL Round 24 News: Honoring the Legend

The farewell occurred during the Sydney Swans and Melbourne Demons match in AFL round 24. A video tribute preceded the game, recapping Franklin’s achievements and once again reinforcing his legendary status both for Sydney and Hawthorn.

Notable Details in the Farewell Lap

An “iconic” scene, noticed by sharp-eyed fans, was Franklin pausing to sign a footy for a young admirer. It was a gesture symbolizing the bond between Buddy and his fans, forever immortalized by cameras. As the entire stadium stood in unison, the profound connection between the legend and his followers was palpable.

Emotional Lap of Honour

Accompanied by the soulful strains of ‘My Hero’, Buddy’s last lap around the SCG was drenched in emotions. It wasn’t just another lap; it was a legend’s final stride on the footy field, laden with memories and achievements. The tears in Buddy’s eyes mirrored those of the thousands watching.

Family’s Presence and Their Role

The sight of Buddy breaking down, with Jesinta fighting back tears, was a poignant moment. Their son Rocky and daughter Tallulah, making a rare public appearance, emphasized the personal depth of the farewell. The family stood as a pillar, signifying that behind every legend, there’s a supportive tribe.


The buddy franklin farewell wasn’t just about bidding goodbye to a player; it symbolized the end of an era. Franklin’s legacy in AFL is undisputed, and the emotional farewell bore testimony to the indelible mark he left on the sport and its fans.


1. When did Buddy Franklin retire?
August 27, 2023.

2. How many games did Franklin play in his career?
He played 354 games during his AFL career.

3. Who were with Buddy during his farewell?
His wife Jesinta and their children, Rocky and Tallulah, were with him.

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