Is Brian Johnson Role as the Eagle Offensive Coordinator Beneficial?


Brian Johnson, recently promoted to the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles after the 2022 season, has had quite the journey. Taking over after Shane Steichen departed for the Indianapolis Colts, Johnson is now navigating his third season with the Eagles, having previously held the position of quarterbacks coach.

  1. Summary of Brian Johnson Eagles
  2. Brian Johnson’s Background
  3. Brian Johnson’s Impact on the Philadelphia Eagles
  4. Brian Johnson’s Journey as OC
  5. The Controversy Around Brian Johnson
  6. Brian Johnson’s Approach to Offense
  7. Recent Game Performances
  8. Conclusion

Brian Johnson’s entry into the Philadelphia Eagles roster has been quite noteworthy. After the 2022 season, Johnson transitioned from his role as the quarterbacks coach to the offensive coordinator, a significant leap in responsibility.

Summary of Brian Johnson Eagles

Attribute Description
Full Name Brian Delance Johnson
Birthdate February 16, 1987
Current Role Offensive Coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles
Previous Role Quarterbacks Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles
College Career University of Utah
NFL Journey Joined Eagles in 2021, promoted to OC in 2022

Brian Johnson’s Background

Born in Barrett, Texas, on February 16, 1987, Brian Delance Johnson has had football in his veins. A prominent quarterback during his college days at the University of Utah, Johnson amassed an impressive 7,800 passing yards and 57 touchdowns. Post his playing days, he began his coaching career at Utah and further refined his skills at Mississippi State and Florida, finally joining the Eagles in 2021.

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Brian Johnson’s Impact on the Philadelphia Eagles

Brian’s influence on the Eagles is undeniable. Under his tutelage, the Eagles marked a strong 14-3 finish in 2021 and made a splash in the playoffs. Jalen Hurts, the team’s quarterback, notably had a breakout season under Johnson. With Johnson now serving as the offensive coordinator, expectations are soaring.

Brian Johnson’s Journey as OC

Transitioning to the offensive coordinator is no small feat. Johnson, having experienced the role at Mississippi State and Florida, is no stranger to the responsibilities. But the NFL brings its own set of challenges, testing the adaptability and innovation of a coordinator.

The Controversy Around Brian Johnson

No journey is without bumps. Brian faced scrutiny for what some perceived as conservative play-calling. This criticism, most vocal after a game where the Eagles scored a mere 17 points, has had fans divided. Yet, Brian stands by his decisions, hinting at the possibility of adopting a more aggressive stance as the season unfolds.

Brian Johnson’s Approach to Offense

At the heart of Johnson’s offensive strategy lies a balance. He is keen on both effective running and deep-field passing, always looking to utilize the strengths of players like Jalen Hurts to their fullest potential.

Recent Game Performances

The recent games have been challenging for the Eagles’ offense, scoring only 17 points in two games. Johnson acknowledges these performance hiccups and emphasizes the need for more offensive creativity and aggression.


Brian Johnson’s elevation to the role of offensive coordinator showcases his skills and the trust the Eagles organization places in him. While challenges abound, Johnson’s past experiences and growth mindset indicate a promising trajectory for both him and the team.


Q: When did Brian Johnson join the Philadelphia Eagles?
A: Brian Johnson joined the Eagles in 2021 as their quarterbacks coach.

Q: What position did Brian Johnson play during his college days?
A: During his time at the University of Utah, Johnson was a prominent quarterback.

Q: How did the Eagles perform in 2021?
A: Under Johnson’s guidance, the Eagles marked a commendable 14-3 finish in 2021.

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