Is Ben Shephard Still Married? An In-Depth Look at His Personal Life


Ben Shephard, the acclaimed British television presenter, has long been a household name. His illustrious career spans across renowned shows like The X Factor, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, and Britain’s Got Talent. Along with his professional life, his personal life, especially the query “is Ben Shephard still married”, also captivates many.

  1. Summary of the Article
  2. Introducing Ben Shephard
  3. An Insight Into Ben Shephard’s Personal Life
  4. The Current Marital Status of Ben Shephard
  5. Ben Shephard’s Past Marriage and Partner
  6. Addressing the Rumors and Speculations
  7. Ben Shephard’s Other Relationships
  8. A Glance at Ben Shephard’s Professional Career
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Other Notable Facts about Ben Shephard

In short, yes, Ben Shephard remains married, with his wife being Annie Hewson since 2010. Together, they share two beautiful children, complimenting the son from Ben’s first marriage which ended in 2009.

Summary of the Article

Keyword Information
Is Ben Shephard still married Yes, Ben Shephard is still married to Annie Hewson
Previous marriage Ben was formerly married to Clare Buckfield from 2004 to 2009
Children Ben is a proud father of three children, two from his current marriage
Rumors and speculations There have been rumors, but Ben has denied all and maintains a happy marriage

Introducing Ben Shephard

Born in 1974 in London, Ben Shephard became a familiar face in the British television scene during the late 1990s and early 2000s. His charismatic personality shone through as he presented shows like Top of the Pops and The Big Breakfast. Public interest in his marital status has been sustained, given his popularity and presence in the media.

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An Insight Into Ben Shephard’s Personal Life

Shephard’s personal life has been as varied as his career. His first marriage in 2004 was to Clare Buckfield, an actress, but unfortunately ended in divorce five years later in 2009. Not long after, Shephard found love again with Annie Hewson, and the couple tied the knot in 2010. They’ve since blessed with two children, making Shephard a father of three.

The Current Marital Status of Ben Shephard

The answer to “is Ben Shephard still married” is a resounding yes. He and Annie Hewson have been happily married for over a decade, since 2010. They are parents to two children, and despite the public eye, there have been no reports indicating any marital issues.

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Ben Shephard’s Past Marriage and Partner

Before his marriage to Annie Hewson, Shephard was married to actress Clare Buckfield from 2004 to 2009. The couple shared a son, Billy, but decided to part ways in 2009 due to irreconcilable differences.

Addressing the Rumors and Speculations

There have been rumors surrounding Shephard’s marital status and potential affairs. Yet, Shephard has consistently dismissed these allegations. As it stands, there’s no substantial evidence supporting these rumors.

Ben Shephard’s Other Relationships

Post-divorce, apart from Annie Hewson, there are no confirmed reports about any other romantic involvements of Ben Shephard. He remains a devoted husband and father, demonstrating that his focus lies squarely on his family.

A Glance at Ben Shephard’s Professional Career

Shephard’s professional career is nothing short of remarkable. He has successfully hosted a variety of shows, including The X Factor, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, and Britain’s Got Talent. He is a regular on Good Morning Britain, loved for his friendly, down-to-earth demeanor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Ben Shephard in feet and inches?

Ben Shephard stands at an impressive 6 feet.

Is Ben Shephard gay?

No, Ben Shephard is not gay. He has been married to two women and has three children.

Currently, Ben Shephard is happily married to Annie Hewson.

Have there been any incidents like “Ben Shephard wife accident”?

No, there have been no incidents reported concerning an accident involving Ben Shephard’s wife.

Other Notable Facts about Ben Shephard

An interesting fact about Ben Shephard is his keen interest in cycling. He has taken part in several charity bike rides. Also, despite his celebrity status, he maintains a down-to-earth and friendly personality, winning him admiration from fans and colleagues alike.

In conclusion, Ben Shephard, the man behind the question “is Ben Shephard still married”, remains happily married. Let’s respect his privacy and appreciate his contributions to the television industry.

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