Is Ant Middleton Controversy Still Making Waves?


Ant Middleton, the former host of SAS: Who Dares Wins, remains in the limelight due to a series of controversies. The main focus lies on his legal troubles, inappropriate comments, and subsequent repercussions. These controversies have stirred up significant discussions in the media, making it a topic of ongoing debate.

  1. Summary of ant middleton controversy
  2. Introduction to Ant Middleton and His Controversies
  3. Ant Middleton’s Legal Troubles
  4. The ‘SAS Australia’ Appearance
  5. Middleton’s Controversial Comments
  6. Channel 4’s Decision to Cut Ties
  7. Ant Middleton’s Future Projects
  8. Allegations of ‘Lewd Comments’
  9. Conclusion Ant Middleton’s Ongoing Debate

Amidst the current events, Ant Middleton’s controversial past and present actions have come into focus, eliciting a myriad of reactions from various quarters, making the ant middleton controversy a topic of constant discussion in the media landscape.

Summary of ant middleton controversy

Date/Time Event/Incident Summary
2013 Conviction for unlawful wounding & common assault, served four months of a 14-month sentence.
2015-2020 Hosted SAS: Who Dares Wins, later dropped due to personal conduct.
June 2020 Apologized for referring to BLM and EDL protesters as “absolute scum”.
2023 Continued involvement in TV projects despite controversies, stirring mixed reactions.

Introduction to Ant Middleton and His Controversies

Ant Middleton, known for his role in SAS: Who Dares Wins, has faced several controversies. The focal point of discussions has been his legal troubles and inappropriate comments. These controversies remain relevant in today’s media discussions.

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Ant Middleton’s Legal Troubles

Ant Middleton has a documented legal history. In 2013, he was convicted for unlawful wounding and common assault. He served four months out of his 14-month prison sentence.

The ‘SAS Australia’ Appearance

Middleton played a significant role as the DS Team leader on ‘SAS Australia’. Here, Craig McLachlan mentioned his not guilty verdict from 2018, adding another layer to the ant middleton controversy.

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Middleton’s Controversial Comments

Middleton made several controversial comments. Notably, he referred to Black Lives Matter protesters as “absolute scum”, facing backlash and criticism for these remarks.

Channel 4’s Decision to Cut Ties

Channel 4 decided to sever ties with Middleton due to his behavior. This decision had a notable impact on his career and public image.

Ant Middleton’s Future Projects

Despite the controversies, Channel Seven hired Middleton for several TV projects. This decision and his continued presence in the industry have garnered mixed reactions.

Allegations of ‘Lewd Comments’

Several allegations of “lewd and suggestive comments” have been leveled against Middleton. These accusations were made by women who worked as crew, affecting his reputation.

Conclusion Ant Middleton’s Ongoing Debate

The ant middleton controversy encompasses various aspects of his actions and comments. The ongoing debate signifies that Middleton remains a polarizing figure in the media.


Q: Why was Ant Middleton convicted in 2013?
A: He was convicted for the unlawful wounding of a police officer and common assault on another.

Q: What controversial comments did Middleton make?
A: He referred to Black Lives Matter and EDL protesters as “absolute scum”.

Q: Is Ant Middleton still involved in the TV industry?
A: Yes, despite controversies, he is involved in new projects with Channel Seven.

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