Is Anna Wintour Blind? Unveiling the Truth Behind Her Iconic Sunglasses


In recent years, there’s been significant intrigue surrounding Anna Wintour’s iconic sunglasses, and notably, the reasoning behind their near-constant presence. This article seeks to demystify the “is Anna Wintour blind” question and provide insight into the reasons behind her distinctive eyewear choice.

  1. Summary of “is anna wintour blind”
  2. Anna Wintour’s Iconic Sunglasses
  3. Anna Wintour’s Need for Privacy
  4. Anna Wintour’s Eye Surgery Revelation
  5. The Perfect Accessory
  6. Concerns About Eyesight
  7. The Connection to Michael Lewis and ‘The Blind Side’
  8. Conclusion

Anna Wintour, with her poised demeanor and trademark heavy black sunglasses, has become a global fashion icon. It’s crucial, though, to comprehend the story behind these glasses before jumping to conclusions.

Summary of “is anna wintour blind”

Key Points Details
Anna Wintour’s Role Editor-in-Chief of Vogue since 1988
Sunglasses’ Purpose Privacy, Emotion Concealment, Vision Protection
2019 CNN Interview Sunglasses provide a layer of privacy
Eye Condition Revelation Legally blind, as shared with Tina Brown
Aesthetic Appeal of Sunglasses Enhance facial features, especially cheekbones
Eyesight Concerns Sunglasses help hide emotions and thoughts
Connection to ‘The Blind Side’ Lighthearted link through discussions around Michael Lewis

Anna Wintour’s Iconic Sunglasses

Anna Wintour, celebrated as the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue since 1988, is rarely seen without her signature sunglasses. These glasses, more than a mere accessory, serve a purpose that transcends mere aesthetics.

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Anna Wintour’s Need for Privacy

In a revealing 2019 interview with CNN, Anna Wintour shared a candid detail – her sunglasses act as a veil, offering a layer of privacy. This strategic choice lets her mask emotions, facilitating undistracted conversations.

Anna Wintour’s Eye Surgery Revelation

A shocking revelation came when Anna Wintour, during an interaction with Tina Brown, stated she was “actually legally blind today.” This admission sheds light on one of the possible reasons behind her constant use of dark glasses.

The Perfect Accessory

Beyond practical reasons, Anna’s sunglasses also flatter her facial features impeccably. They frame her face, accentuating her cheekbones, proving that the right accessory can enhance one’s overall look.

Concerns About Eyesight

Anna’s concerns about her eyesight are profound. Emphasizing the sunglasses’ utility, she once noted how they prevent others from deciphering her thoughts, providing her with a sense of control in public settings.

The Connection to Michael Lewis and ‘The Blind Side’

While Anna Wintour’s sunglasses and Michael Lewis might seem unrelated, a quirky connection exists. Lewis’s book, ‘The Blind Side’, sparked discussions and inadvertently linked Anna’s eyewear choice to the book’s theme, albeit in a lighthearted manner.


Anna Wintour’s sunglasses are not just a fashion statement; they’re a protective shield, both for her vision and her privacy. Comprehending the reasons behind her eyewear choice underscores the importance of not jumping to conclusions based solely on appearances.


1. Why does Anna Wintour always wear sunglasses?
Anna Wintour’s sunglasses serve dual purposes: they provide her with privacy and might be linked to her eye condition.

2. Is Anna Wintour legally blind?
Yes, Anna Wintour mentioned being “actually legally blind today” during a conversation with Tina Brown.

3. Are the sunglasses just a fashion statement?
While they are undoubtedly stylish, the sunglasses also serve practical purposes related to privacy and her vision.

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