Is Angela Rippon Family Life As Picture-Perfect As Her On-Screen Persona?


From her iconic moments as a TV presenter to her deep personal life, Angela Rippon has remained a significant figure in British media. Recently, much attention has been drawn to her family life, which reveals the woman behind the cameras.

  1. Summary of angela rippon family
  2. Angela Rippon’s Family Background
  3. Angela Rippon’s Marriage and Divorce
  4. Angela Rippon’s Children (or Lack Thereof)
  5. Angela Rippon’s Godchildren
  6. Angela Rippon’s Private Life
  7. Angela Rippon’s Current Partner (if applicable)
  8. Conclusion

Angela Rippon, a name synonymous with British TV presenting, journalism, and newsreading, boasts a career spanning over five decades. But beyond her professional life, Angela’s personal journey, including her painful divorce and cherished moments with her honorary goddaughters, has recently come into focus.

Summary of angela rippon family

Date Event
1944 Angela Rippon’s birth in Plymouth, Devon, England.
1967 Marriage to childhood sweetheart, Christopher Dare.
1989 Angela and Christopher’s divorce.
Present day Angela’s cherished relationship with her godchildren.

Angela Rippon’s Family Background

Born into a working-class family in Plymouth, Devon, England in 1944, Angela was an only child. The disciplined life of her father, John, a Royal Marine, coupled with the industrious nature of her mother, Edna, a fine china company employee and seamstress, gave Angela a foundation of strong work ethics and values.

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Angela Rippon’s Marriage and Divorce

In the romantic setting of a 17th-century cottage in Devon, Angela and her childhood sweetheart, Christopher Dare, began their life together in 1967. But, life has its twists; by 1989, their marriage dissolved. Angela, bearing the emotional weight of the divorce, never chose to remarry.

Angela Rippon’s Children (or Lack Thereof)

While motherhood wasn’t part of Angela’s journey, she deeply cherishes her role in the lives of her godson and two honorary goddaughters. These connections, formed with the children of her closest friends, have filled her life with moments of joy and purpose.

Angela Rippon’s Godchildren

Tom, Angela’s godson, now in his early 30s, speaks highly of Angela, citing her as a role model. Her honorary goddaughters, Sarah and Emily, in their early 20s, also share a profound bond with Angela, acknowledging the supportive role she has played in their lives.

Angela Rippon’s Private Life

Despite her celebrity status, Angela has always preferred the serenity of a private life. Contentment, for Angela, comes from quality moments spent with family and friends. Beyond this, her philanthropic endeavors, especially with the Alzheimer’s Society and the Royal British Legion, are a testament to her generous spirit.

Angela Rippon’s Current Partner (if applicable)

Angela’s romantic life remains a mystery. While there’s no public disclosure about her current partner, Angela’s life, enriched with family bonds and a stellar career, seems fulfilling.


Angela Rippon’s life, with its professional heights and personal depths, paints a story of resilience, love, and hope. Her journey, from painful divorces to heartwarming moments with her godchildren, showcases a life lived with grace and determination.


Q1: Who is Angela Rippon?
Angela Rippon is a renowned British TV presenter, journalist, and newsreader.

Q2: Did Angela Rippon have any children of her own?
No, Angela doesn’t have biological children but shares a close bond with her godson and two honorary goddaughters.

Q3: What is Angela Rippon’s current relationship status?
Angela prefers to keep her romantic life private and hasn’t made any public disclosures about her current partner.

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