Is Aja Evan Brother Involved in the Olympic Bobsledder Recent Controversies?


Aja Evans, an acclaimed Olympic bobsledder who clinched a bronze medal in the 2014 Sochi Games, is not just renowned for her sporting prowess, but also for her significant family lineage. Beyond her individual accomplishments, the limelight has recently shifted to her family, especially her older brother, Fred. However, the story takes a twist with the recent controversies that surround Aja.

  1. Summary of aja evans brother
  2. Aja Evans’ Family Background
  3. Aja Evans’ Sibling Rivalry
  4. Recent Controversies Surrounding Aja Evans
  5. Conclusion

Evans’ challenges off the track, particularly a sexual assault lawsuit she filed in 2022 against a team chiropractor, have made headlines. But how do her family, especially her older brother Fred, fit into this narrative? Let’s dive deeper.

Summary of aja evans brother

Highlight Details
Family Background Aja comes from a family of athletes, including her NFL-playing older brother, Fred.
Sibling Rivalry A competitive bond with Fred shaped Aja’s athletic journey.
Recent Controversies Aja filed a sexual assault lawsuit in 2022, leading to her suspension from the national team.
Future Outlook Despite challenges, Aja remains hopeful about her return in the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Aja Evans’ Family Background

Hailing from a lineage of remarkable athletes, Aja Evans grew up in a home where sportsmanship and competition were daily themes. Her father, Fred Evans Sr., broke barriers as the first Black swimmer to secure a collegiate national championship. Meanwhile, her mother showcased her talents on the track and field.

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But the topic “aja evans brother” often brings attention to Fred Evans III, Aja’s older brother. An impressive athlete in his own right, Fred played eight seasons in the NFL, primarily as a defensive tackle. Their uncle, Gary “Sarge” Matthews, further accentuates this family of athletes, with his history as an MLB player and coach.

Aja Evans’ Sibling Rivalry

The bond between Aja and Fred isn’t just familial; it’s a tapestry of competition and camaraderie. Growing up, sibling rivalry was the norm, with both attempting to outdo the other in various sports.

This rivalry, Aja often mentions, was a catalyst in molding her athletic journey. It equipped her with the tools to manage competition and perform under pressure. At 29, Aja’s experiences and learnings from this rivalry continue to influence her career.

Recent Controversies Surrounding Aja Evans

The year 2022 was a tumultuous one for Aja. She took legal action against a team chiropractor, accusing him of sexual assault on multiple occasions. This lawsuit, still under adjudication, has cast a shadow over her reputation.

As a consequence, Aja faces a suspension from the USA Bobsled & Skeleton National Team. While this controversy is a significant setback, it is essential to note that her brother, Fred, is not implicated in these events.


In tracing Aja Evans’ life, it’s clear that her family, particularly her older brother Fred, played an instrumental role in her athletic journey. While recent events have posed challenges, Aja’s resilience and determination remain undeterred. She envisions a return to the USA Bobsled & Skeleton National Team, with her eyes set on the 2026 Winter Olympics.


Who is Aja Evans’ older brother?
Fred Evans III, who played as a defensive tackle in the NFL for eight seasons.

What recent controversy involves Aja Evans?
In 2022, Aja filed a sexual assault lawsuit against a team chiropractor.

Is Fred Evans involved in Aja’s recent controversies?
No, Fred Evans is not implicated in Aja’s recent controversies.

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