Is A Million Miles Away Based on Reality? Unveiling NASA Astronaut José Hernández True Tale


“A Million Miles Away” has captured the hearts and minds of many since its release. The gripping narrative delves into the life of José Hernández, who, against all odds, goes on to become a celebrated NASA astronaut. But the question on everyone’s mind is, “is a million miles away a true story?”

  1. Summary of is a million miles away a true story
  2. The True Story Unveiled
  3. Overcoming Rejection
  4. A Closer Look at the Film
  5. Hollywood Recognition
  6. From Memoir to Film
  7. A Million Miles Away Real Events
  8. José Hernández Today
  9. Conclusion

This film is not merely a product of Hollywood imagination. Instead, it mirrors the real-life events of José Hernández, drawing heavily from his autobiography, “Reaching for the Stars”. His journey, which saw him move from a humble rural village to the illustrious corridors of NASA, is truly a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Summary of is a million miles away a true story

Date Event Summary
1962 Birth José Hernández is born in a rural village in Michoacán, Mexico.
1970 Immigration Hernández and his family immigrate to the U.S.
1984 Education Hernández graduates high school and attends Modesto Junior College.
2004 NASA Selection After 11 rejections, Hernández is chosen as a NASA astronaut.
2009 Space Mission Hernández embarks on STS-128 mission to the International Space Station.
2013 Retirement Hernández retires from NASA.
2023 Film Release “A Million Miles Away” based on Hernández’s life is released on Amazon Prime.

The True Story Unveiled

Yes, “A Million Miles Away” is a factual portrayal of José Hernández’s life. Delving deep into his autobiography, “Reaching for the Stars”, the film showcases Hernández’s remarkable decade-long odyssey, transitioning from a rural existence to NASA’s space programs.

His life wasn’t without challenges. José faced numerous rejections but never relinquished his dreams.

Overcoming Rejection

José Hernández’s determination is evident in the fact that he faced rejection from NASA not once or twice, but a staggering eleven times. However, each refusal only fueled his determination, a sentiment beautifully encapsulated in the movie.

This tale of unwavering resilience is a pivotal aspect of the film, providing viewers with a unique insight into Hernández’s psyche and his undying passion for space.

A Closer Look at the Film

While “A Million Miles Away” is deeply rooted in reality, it predominantly fixates on José Hernández’s aspirations related to space, often sidelining his inner journey. The film, though genuine in its narrative, could have delved deeper into Hernández’s inner struggles and evolution.

Hollywood Recognition

The awe-inspiring narrative of José Hernández found its rightful place in Hollywood. Now available on Amazon Prime, the movie paints an authentic picture of his life. The transition of Hernández’s life into a biopic underscores the profound impact his story has had on audiences globally.

From Memoir to Film

Before making waves in the cinematic world, José Hernández’s story was captured in his memoir, released in 2012. The book not only ties in seamlessly with the film but also offers a more comprehensive view of his incredible journey.

A Million Miles Away Real Events

To reiterate, “is a million miles away a true story?” is a resounding yes. Prime Video’s rendition chronicles the authentic events of José Hernández’s life. While the film brings Hernández’s space journey to the fore, viewers are also privy to the challenges and triumphs he faced along the way.

José Hernández Today

Today, José Hernández continues to inspire countless individuals with his story. Although not actively associated with NASA, his legacy and the impact of his narrative on the present generation remain unparalleled.


At its core, “A Million Miles Away” is an embodiment of José Hernández’s remarkable journey. It stands as a beacon of hope, emphasizing that with determination, even the stars aren’t out of reach. Those seeking inspiration will undoubtedly find it in abundance by watching this poignant tale on Amazon Prime.


  1. Is “A Million Miles Away” based on a true story?
    Yes, it is based on the life of NASA astronaut José Hernández.

  2. How many times was José Hernández rejected by NASA before his acceptance?
    He faced rejection eleven times.

  3. Where can one watch “A Million Miles Away”?
    The film is available on Amazon Prime.

  4. Did José Hernández write an autobiography?
    Yes, he penned “Reaching for the Stars” detailing his life and journey.

— by Arnav Soni