Indonesia Independence Day 2023: Google Doodle Celebrates Unity and Heritage


Indonesia rejoices in its 78th year of independence on August 17, 2023. This monumental day is known locally as “Tujuhbelasan”. This year, a captivating Google Doodle vividly illustrates the nation’s unity, as Indonesia commemorates its independence declaration from Dutch colonial rule in 1945.

  1. Summary: Indonesia Independence Day 2023
  2. The Google Doodle Illustration
  3. Independence Day Festivities
  4. The Theme: “Terus Melaju Untuk Indonesia Maju”
  5. Traditional Games and Unity
  6. Google Doodle’s Depiction of Unity
  7. Conclusion

Summary: Indonesia Independence Day 2023

Key Information Details
Date of Independence August 17, 1945
78th Independence Celebration August 17, 2023
Independence Day Theme “Terus Melaju Untuk Indonesia Maju” (Striving to Progress Indonesia)
Google Doodle Artist Diela Maharanie

The Google Doodle Illustration

Hailing from West Java, Diela Maharanie, the guest artist, enlivened this year’s Google Doodle. The doodle is adorned with Indonesian children jubilantly participating in conventional games. Notably, it emphasizes Indonesia’s unity and heritage, revealing a nation enriched with collaboration and traditions. Google Doodles, over time, have evolved as significant markers, commemorating global happenings.

Independence Day Festivities

The grandeur starts with a live broadcast from the State Palace in Jakarta. Presided over by the president and the nation’s heroes, it sets the celebratory tone. The vibrant streets of Jakarta witness a parade of marching bands, resonating with the military’s gun salute. The fluttering red and white flag, symbolizing courage and purity respectively, engulfs the nation in patriotic fervor.

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The Theme: “Terus Melaju Untuk Indonesia Maju”

2023’s theme, “Striving to Progress Indonesia”, embodies the very essence of the country. The ingrained spirit of “gotong royong” (collaboration) is highlighted, emphasizing the blend of growth and the preservation of local wisdom. This theme intertwines seamlessly with traditional Indonesian sports, reinforcing unity and togetherness.

Traditional Games and Unity

Indonesia’s traditional games, like sack races and cracker eating competitions, are more than just play. They foster unity and collaboration, vital ethos for the country. Holding onto these games, Indonesia ensures its rich history thrives, uniting generations.

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Google Doodle’s Depiction of Unity

Maharanie’s Doodle elegantly captures Indonesians, young and old, immersed in traditional festivities. This portrayal magnifies collaboration’s paramountcy for national growth. Furthermore, it resonates with Indonesia’s enduring values, aiming for an even brighter future.

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Indonesia’s Independence Day is a heartwarming reflection on the nation’s journey. The Google Doodle, by extolling unity and heritage, adds to the celebrations, encapsulating the essence of Indonesia. On that note, here’s to Indonesia’s bright future and a joyous 78th Independence Day!


Q: What is the local name for Indonesia’s Independence Day?
A: It’s called “Tujuhbelasan”.

Q: Who is the artist behind the 2023 Google Doodle for Indonesia’s Independence Day?
A: The artist is Diela Maharanie from West Java.

Q: What is the 2023 theme for Indonesia’s Independence Day?
A: The theme is “Terus Melaju Untuk Indonesia Maju”, translating to “Striving to Progress Indonesia”.

Q: How old is Indonesia’s independence in 2023?
A: Indonesia celebrates its 78th year of independence in 2023.

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