How Tall Is Kyler Murray? What You Should Know About His Height


Kyler Murray, born on August 7, 1997, in Bedford, Texas, has emerged as a captivating quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. Despite the questions around his height, Murray has continued to dazzle on the field since joining the Cardinals in May 2019. With the NFL season ongoing, the question on many minds remains: how tall is Kyler Murray? Officially, he stands at 5 feet 10 1/8 inches or 1.78 meters.

  1. Summary of How Tall Is Kyler Murray
  2. Early Life and Background
  3. College Football Career
  4. Professional Career
  5. Physical Attributes
  6. Weight and Other Stats
  7. Media Coverage and Comparison
  8. Conclusion

Since his Heisman-winning college football career to his present NFL journey, Kyler Murray’s height has always been a topic of discussion. However, this young quarterback, currently wearing jersey number #1, has proven time and again that his height is not a barrier to his professional achievements.

Summary of How Tall Is Kyler Murray

Aspect Detail
Height 5 feet 10 1/8 inches (1.78 meters)
Weight 94 kilograms (207 pounds)
Hand Size 9 1/2 inches (24.1 centimeters)
College Oklahoma Sooners
NFL Draft First round, 2019
Current Team Arizona Cardinals
Jersey Number #1
Position Quarterback

Early Life and Background

Kyler Murray was born to parents Missy and Kevin Murray. His father was a former NFL quarterback. As a native of Bedford, Texas, Kyler Murray grew up with football in his veins.

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He attended The University of Oklahoma, a significant stepping stone in his career.

College Football Career

Murray started his college journey with the Texas A&M Aggies on February 4, 2015. But soon, he transferred to Oklahoma Sooners in 2016. Here, he gained significant attention and even won the Heisman Trophy in his junior year.

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Professional Career

Kyler wears the #1 jersey for the Arizona Cardinals. Since his NFL debut, he has been a significant asset to his team, and his contribution is not to be underestimated.

Physical Attributes

Getting back to the question, how tall is Kyler Murray? As mentioned, he stands at 5 feet 10 1/8 inches, which puts him on the list of the NFL’s shortest quarterbacks.

Yet, this has not prevented him from displaying exceptional skills on the field.

Weight and Other Stats

Murray tips the scales at 94 kilograms or 207 pounds. Despite his height, his agility and playing style have made him one of the most exciting quarterbacks to watch.

Media Coverage and Comparison

His height has consistently made headlines, often leading to comparisons with other quarterbacks. For instance, a current topic is the comparison of his height to Bryce Young, an upcoming NFL draft pick.

However, like Russell Wilson and Drew Brees, Kyler has shown that height isn’t everything in the NFL.


Kyler Murray defies the stereotypical quarterback mold, especially concerning height. He’s a testament that exceptional talent can overshadow physical attributes.

As the NFL season progresses, all eyes are on this young quarterback, who is set to redefine standards for years to come.


Q: How tall is Kyler Murray?
Kyler Murray stands at 5 feet 10 1/8 inches (1.78 meters).

Q: What is his weight?
He weighs 94 kilograms (207 pounds).

Q: What college did Kyler Murray attend?
Murray attended the University of Oklahoma, where he won the Heisman Trophy.

Q: What team does Kyler Murray play for?
Kyler Murray plays for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL as a quarterback.

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