How Old Is Oliver Tree Today? Dive into the Journey of This Vine Sensation to Musical Maverick


Unlocking the world of Oliver Tree, one discovers a multifaceted talent. Born as Oliver Tree Nickell on June 29, 1993, he stands tall at 30 as of October 4, 2023. Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, USA, he’s not just renowned for his music, but also for his humor, filmmaking, and literature.

  1. Oliver Tree’s Birthdate and Birthplace
  2. Summary of Oliver Tree’s Age
  3. Oliver Tree’s Musical Journey
  4. Early Recognition on Vine
  5. Oliver Tree’s Diverse Career
  6. Oliver Tree’s Popularity
  7. Oliver Tree’s Current Age
  8. Conclusion

Oliver Tree’s Birthdate and Birthplace

Oliver Tree Nickell’s journey began in the sunny landscapes of Santa Cruz, California, USA. Born on June 29, 1993, Oliver Tree’s age is now 30, showcasing an impressive portfolio of achievements for someone so young.

Summary of Oliver Tree’s Age

Date Event
June 29, 1993 Oliver Tree’s birth in Santa Cruz, California
March 27, 2016 Release of the viral Vine video “When I’m Down”
2020 Debut album, “Ugly Is Beautiful” gets released
2023 Launch of third studio album, “Alone in a Crowd”

Oliver Tree’s Musical Journey

Primarily recognized as a rock singer, Oliver’s uniqueness lies in the amalgamation of pop, hip hop, and electronic beats. His catchy, often satirical tunes coupled with an animated stage aura have captivated many.

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Early Recognition on Vine

The world got its first major glimpse of Oliver on March 27, 2016, when his Vine video “When I’m Down” went viral. This whimsical presentation, showcasing Oliver dancing on a scooter, proved to be the wind beneath his wings.

Oliver Tree’s Diverse Career

His versatility is unmatched. Beyond his singing prowess, Oliver dons multiple hats, from comedy sketches to directing films. It’s this range that truly sets him apart in an industry teeming with talent.

Oliver Tree’s Popularity

With a staggering following, Oliver’s reach is undeniable. Boasting over 2 million Instagram admirers and a YouTube family of more than 1 million, his influence is widespread. Not to mention his notable mentions in esteemed media outlets and collaborations with famed artists.

Oliver Tree’s Current Age

Anchoring back to the “oliver tree age” intrigue, he is currently 30 years old, with his zodiac sign being Cancer. His age is not just a testament to time but a reflection of achievements garnered in this span.


Oliver Tree, at 30, is an embodiment of talent, passion, and versatility. A singer, comedian, filmmaker, and so much more, he is an artist whose journey is worth following.


Q: When was Oliver Tree born?
A: Oliver Tree Nickell was born on June 29, 1993.

Q: Where is Oliver Tree from?
A: He hails from Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Q: What age is Oliver Tree in 2023?
A: Oliver Tree is 30 years old as of October 4, 2023.

Q: How did Oliver Tree get his initial fame?
A: He gained significant recognition from his viral Vine video “When I’m Down” in 2016.

— by Lokesh Sinha