How Old is Justin Tucker Today? Unveiling Age, Records, and Noteworthy Highlights


Justin Tucker, celebrated for his impeccable precision and powerful kicks in the NFL, was born on November 21, 1989. So, how old is Justin Tucker? As of today, September 25, 2023, he is 33 years old. Representing the Baltimore Ravens since 2012, this NFL legend has notched up numerous records and career highlights worth mentioning.

  1. Summary of how old is Justin Tucker
  2. Justin Tucker’s Recent Performance
  3. Justin Tucker’s Fantasy Football Value
  4. Tucker’s Clutch 50-Yard Field Goal
  5. Justin Tucker’s NFL Records
  6. Personal Information
  7. Confirming Justin Tucker’s Age
  8. Justin Tucker’s Consistency in Fantasy Football
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A beacon of consistency and talent in the NFL, Justin Tucker has made a significant mark as a kicker. Notably, the question, “how old is Justin Tucker”, finds its answer in his maturity and experience on the field, despite him being 33 years young.

Summary of how old is Justin Tucker

Date/Statistic Information
November 21, 1989 Date of Birth
September 25, 2023 Current Age: 33 Years Old
90.5% Career Field Goal Percentage
66 Yards Longest Field Goal
12 Years NFL Experience
University of Texas College Education

Justin Tucker’s Recent Performance

Recently, Tucker showed commendable performance against the Bengals. Though he missed one of his three field-goal attempts, he successfully nailed all extra-point tries, reflecting his characteristic prowess.

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Justin Tucker’s Fantasy Football Value

In the domain of fantasy football, especially for Week 3, tools such as player comparison and matchup analysis earmark Justin Tucker as an elite option. His DFS lineup picks are frequently sought after.

Tucker’s Clutch 50-Yard Field Goal

In a captivating episode, Tucker managed a 50-yard field goal during the Ravens’ game against the Jets. This remarkable feat, achieved with under two minutes left in the game, underscored its pivotal role in leading the Ravens to a win.

Justin Tucker’s NFL Records

Boasting a career field goal success rate of 90.5% (based on a minimum of 100 attempts), Tucker is arguably the NFL’s finest kicker. His longest successful field goal stretches an impressive 66 yards, adding another feather to his cap.

Personal Information

Diving deeper into Tucker’s personal life, he heralds from Houston, Texas. At 6 feet 1 inch tall, this dynamic player possesses a perfect blend of physical strength and agility.

Confirming Justin Tucker’s Age

To reiterate, Justin Tucker, born on November 21, 1989, is 33 years old as of September 25, 2023.

Justin Tucker’s Consistency in Fantasy Football

Among fantasy football aficionados, Tucker is a constant favorite. His reputation for consistency is evident as he finished among the top 10 in fantasy scoring in eight of his 11 NFL seasons.

Additional Player Information

With 12 years of NFL experience under his belt, Tucker’s career path started at the University of Texas. Weighing 188 pounds, his stats further amplify his standing in the NFL.


In summary, Justin Tucker, at 33, continues to shine brightly in the NFL arena. His journey from a rookie to an NFL legend serves as an inspiration to many.


How old is Justin Tucker currently?
Justin Tucker is 33 years old as of September 25, 2023.

Which team does Justin Tucker represent?
He plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

Where did Justin Tucker play college football?
He played college football at the University of Texas.

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