How Old Is Jerry Brown? Delving into the Life of California Longest-Serving Governor


In 2023, the question “how old is Jerry Brown?” may pop up frequently in many conversations. The answer is that Jerry Brown, a pivotal figure in California’s political landscape, is currently 85 years old. Born on April 7, 1938, he holds the distinction of being the longest-serving governor in the state’s history.

  1. Summary of how old is Jerry Brown
  2. Jerry Brown’s Political Career
  3. Jerry Brown’s Background
  4. Jerry Brown’s Personal Details
  5. Notable Achievements
  6. Jerry Brown’s Nickname
  7. Jerry Brown’s Political Party
  8. Media and Documentaries
  9. Jerry Brown’s Influence
  10. Conclusion

Jerry Brown is not just any politician; he’s an emblem of California politics. His association with the state’s governance and his extensive tenure makes him a subject of both admiration and curiosity.

Summary of how old is Jerry Brown

Key Information Details
Date of Birth April 7, 1938
Current Age 85 years old
Full Name Edmund Gerald Brown Jr.
Political Affiliation Democratic Party
Notable Positions Held Governor of California, Mayor of Oakland
Notable Documentary Jerry Brown: The Disrupter
Nickname Moonbeam
Tenure as Governor 1975-1983 and 2011-2019

Jerry Brown’s Political Career

Starting his political journey in 1970 as the Secretary of State of California, Brown ascended to the governorship in 1974, marking the beginning of his non-consecutive terms. He governed from 1975 to 1983 and then made a comeback, leading from 2011 to 2019.

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Jerry Brown’s Background

Hailing from a politically influential family, Jerry is the son of Pat Brown, who was the governor of California from 1959 to 1967. This familial legacy certainly played a role in shaping his political perspectives.

Jerry Brown’s Personal Details

Beyond politics, Edmund Gerald Brown Jr., as he is officially named, pursued a career in law and literature. A lawyer, author, and politician, his multifaceted persona adds depth to his public image.

Notable Achievements

Beyond his gubernatorial roles, Brown has held positions like Mayor of Oakland and Attorney General of California. His tenure saw policies around environmental protection, infrastructure enhancement, and more.

Jerry Brown’s Nickname

The nickname “Moonbeam” accompanies Jerry Brown. Though initially coined by adversaries in a likely derisive manner during his first governorship run in 1974, it’s now almost endearing and widely recognized.

Jerry Brown’s Political Party

Affiliated with the Democratic Party, Jerry Brown’s political stances reflect the party’s core values.

Media and Documentaries

Jerry Brown’s life and legacy have been encapsulated in various documentaries. One notable mention is “Jerry Brown: The Disrupter,” shedding light on his disruptive yet constructive politics.

Jerry Brown’s Influence

Brown’s influence isn’t just limited to California. His stand on various political and economic matters has reverberated across the nation, shaping conversations and policies.


At 85 years old, Jerry Brown’s contributions to California and American politics remain unparalleled. His story, filled with lessons and inspiration, beckons anyone eager to learn about genuine political leadership.


Q: When was Jerry Brown born?
A: He was born on April 7, 1938.

Q: Why is Jerry Brown nicknamed “Moonbeam”?
A: The nickname was given by his political opponents during his 1974 governorship campaign, but it has since become endearing.

Q: Which political party does Jerry Brown belong to?
A: Jerry Brown is a member of the Democratic Party.

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