How Old is Esteban Ocon Today? Dive into the Life of the Remarkable French F1 Driver


Esteban Ocon, the French Formula 1 sensation, was born on September 17, 1996, which makes him 27 years old as of 2023. A young talent in the world of racing, Ocon’s age emphasizes his exceptional achievements, like clinching the European Formula Three championship title at a mere age of 17.

  1. Summary of Esteban Ocon’s Age and Career
  2. Esteban Ocon’s Early Beginnings
  3. Esteban Ocon’s Age and Achievements
  4. Esteban Ocon’s Formula 1 Career
  5. Special Moments with Lewis Hamilton
  6. Conclusion

A deeper exploration of his life reveals not just the years but a journey marked by speed, dedication, and an undeniable passion for racing.

Summary of Esteban Ocon’s Age and Career

Date Event
September 17, 1996 Esteban Ocon’s birth in Évreux, Normandy, France.
2006 Ocon’s karting journey begins at the age of 10.
2014 Youngest winner of the European Formula Three championship at 17.
2016 Formula 1 debut with Manor Racing.
2017 Transitioned to Force India.
2018 Racing Point’s emergence after Force India’s rebranding.
2019 Ocon’s year as Mercedes’ test driver.
2020 Returns to Formula 1, driving for Renault.
2021 Celebrates his first F1 win at the Hungarian Grand Prix.
2022 Engages in remote-controlled car racing with Lewis Hamilton during the Japanese Grand Prix.

Esteban Ocon’s Early Beginnings

Ocon hailed from Évreux, Normandy, France. His passion for karting ignited when he was just 10 years old. Rapidly climbing the ladder, by the age of 17, he had already won the European Formula Three championship, etching his name as its youngest winner.

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His family’s unwavering support was evident. They even sold their house and family business to fund Ocon’s promising karting career, a testament to their belief in his talent.

Esteban Ocon’s Age and Achievements

Born in September 1996, Ocon, at the age of 27, already boasts a list of commendable accolades. A quick recap:

  • Triumphed in the European Formula Three championship in 2014.
  • Clinched second place in the GP3 Series in 2015.
  • Debuted in Formula 1 in 2016.
  • Tasted his first Formula 1 victory at the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Esteban Ocon’s Formula 1 Career

Ocon’s F1 journey began with Manor Racing in 2016. After two fruitful seasons, he transitioned to Force India in 2017. With Force India rebranding as Racing Point in 2018, Ocon took a brief hiatus from Formula 1 in 2019 to serve as Mercedes’ test driver. However, he made a stellar return in 2020, racing for Renault and later for Alpine, where he continues to showcase his prowess.

Special Moments with Lewis Hamilton

2022 saw Ocon and Lewis Hamilton share some light-hearted moments. The Japanese Grand Prix weekend was especially memorable, where the two raced remote-controlled cars in the pit lane. This interaction showcased not only Ocon’s versatility but also the camaraderie he shares with fellow racers, earning Hamilton’s admiration.


Esteban Ocon’s age is just a number in front of his magnificent journey in Formula 1. His early achievements and the respect he’s garnered from peers, like Hamilton, underscore his potential and the bright future that lies ahead.


How old is Esteban Ocon in 2023?
Esteban Ocon is 27 years old in 2023.

Which team does Ocon race for currently?
As of 2023, Esteban Ocon races for the Alpine F1 team.

When did Ocon win his first Formula 1 race?
Esteban Ocon clinched his first Formula 1 victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2021.

How did Ocon start his racing career?
Ocon began his racing journey with karting at the age of 10 and quickly made a name for himself in the racing community.

— by Karan Chopra