How Old is Elder Uchtdorf Now? A Glimpse Into His Notable Journey


Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, a key figure in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was born on November 6, 1940, in Mährisch-Ostrau, Czech Republic. As of 2023, Elder Uchtdorf is 82 years old. This article dives into his life, exploring the “elder uchtdorf age” factor, and how it intertwines with his remarkable leadership and life’s experiences.

  1. Summary of elder uchtdorf age
  2. Elder Uchtdorf’s Early Life and Background
  3. Elder Uchtdorf’s Journey in the U.S. Air Force
  4. Elder Uchtdorf’s Career in the Church
  5. Elder Uchtdorf’s Personal Life
  6. Church Developments Since the Last General Conference
  7. Elder Uchtdorf’s Teachings on Unity
  8. Conclusion

Having lived through eight decades, Elder Uchtdorf’s life has been an inspiring testament of faith, resilience, and dedication. His journey, from his early days in the Czech Republic to his profound influence in the Church, is nothing short of remarkable.

Summary of elder uchtdorf age

Fact Detail
Birthdate November 6, 1940
Birthplace Mährisch-Ostrau, Czech Republic
Current Age 82 years
Significant Event Engine failure while flying at age 21
Ordination as an Apostle 2004
Number of Children 7
Number of Grandchildren 25
Recent Church Event Passing of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in July 2023

Elder Uchtdorf’s Early Life and Background

Born amidst the chaos of World War II, Elder Uchtdorf faced many challenges. Yet, these adversities only bolstered his faith in God and kindled his passion for the gospel.

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He is not just a number when considering “elder uchtdorf age”; his years are filled with tales of perseverance and deep commitment to his faith.

Elder Uchtdorf’s Journey in the U.S. Air Force

At 21, he found himself in the U.S. Air Force, training in Texas and Arizona. This German pilot faced a life-changing event during one of his flights – an engine failure. His faith, coupled with his training, saw him through, letting him land the plane safely.

Elder Uchtdorf’s Career in the Church

2004 was a significant year for him, marking his ordination as an apostle. Since then, he’s held several leadership roles, impacting many with his service, teachings, and extensive travels.

Elder Uchtdorf’s Personal Life

His personal life is just as rich, having married Harriet Reich in the beautiful Bern Switzerland Temple. Their love story expanded, giving them seven children and 25 grandchildren. Besides his roles in the Church, he’s known for his love of family, wit, and always looking at the brighter side of life.

Church Developments Since the Last General Conference

Since the last conference, the Church mourned the loss of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, who passed away in July 2023 at 81. Additionally, Elder Uchtdorf’s recent teachings emphasized the unity between missionaries and Church members, reminding everyone of the collective goal they share.

Elder Uchtdorf’s Teachings on Unity

Unity, a theme Elder Uchtdorf often touches upon, resonates deeply within the Church. He believes in the collective strength of God’s children, emphasizing love, support, and a shared purpose.


When one wonders about “elder uchtdorf age,” it’s essential to remember that age is but a number. What truly matters is how those years have been spent. And in Elder Uchtdorf’s case, they’ve been filled with love, service, faith, and a commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Q: When was Elder Uchtdorf born?
A: He was born on November 6, 1940.

Q: How old is Elder Uchtdorf currently?
A: As of 2023, he is 82 years old.

Q: In which year was Elder Uchtdorf ordained as an apostle?
A: He was ordained as an apostle in 2004.

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