How Old is Dallas Cowboys Star, Tyron Smith, in 2023?


The National Football League (NFL) has seen its fair share of stalwarts, and Tyron Smith, the offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys, is undoubtedly one of them. Having achieved several milestones in his career, there’s always a surge of interest around “tyron smith age”. As of 2023, Tyron Smith is 32 years old. Born on December 12, 1990, in Moreno Valley, California, this powerhouse has been making waves ever since he stepped onto the football field.

  1. Tyron Smith’s Background
  2. Tyron Smith’s Current Age
  3. Career Overview
  4. Contract Details
  5. Recognition in the NFL
  6. Selection in the NFL Draft
  7. Criticism and Controversy
  8. Speculation on Position
  9. Current Status in the Cowboys Roster
  10. Possibility of Surprise Cuts
  11. Conclusion

Tyron Smith’s journey in the NFL has been nothing short of phenomenal. A key player for the Dallas Cowboys, his dedication and prowess have been instrumental in many of their successes. In this article, we will unravel the story behind Tyron Smith’s age, explore his professional milestones, and shed light on his contract details with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tyron Smith’s Background

Tyron Jerrar Smith, a native of Moreno Valley, California, displayed athletic potential from a young age. He honed his skills at Rancho Verde High School, excelling not just in football but also in basketball. His talents didn’t go unnoticed, and soon after, he committed to the University of Southern California (USC), making a mark as a formidable offensive lineman.

Tyron Smith’s Current Age

Currently, at the age of 32, Tyron’s birthdate, December 12, 1990, stands as a testament to his long-standing contribution to the Dallas Cowboys. Despite advancing years in a sport that demands peak physical condition, Smith continues to showcase his athletic capabilities and technical mastery on the field.

Career Overview

Starting his professional journey in 2011, Tyron Smith was chosen by the Dallas Cowboys as the ninth overall pick in the first round. Wearing the jersey number #77 and boasting a towering height of 6-5, he has since then emerged as an invaluable player, defending quarterbacks and creating avenues for running backs. Throughout his career spanning 13 years, he has initiated 172 games and has been a part of the Pro Bowls twice (2013, 2015).

Contract Details

2015 marked a significant year for Smith as he inked a record-setting contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys. This eight-year contract, valued at $97.6 million, incorporated a $10 million signing bonus with an assurance of $22.1 million. His average annual earning, a whopping $12.2 million, places him among the elite offensive tackles in terms of remuneration in the NFL.

Recognition in the NFL

His skill set and consistent contributions have garnered appreciation within the NFL community. A testament to his prowess, in 2022, Tyron Smith secured the 92nd position on the NFL Top 100 Players list. Moreover, his excellence was acknowledged when he was named to the Pro Football Writers Association All-NFC team on three occasions (2013, 2015, 2016).

Selection in the NFL Draft

The 2011 NFL Draft witnessed the Dallas Cowboys selecting Tyron Smith in the first round. Foreseen as a top-five pick due to his unparalleled athleticism, strength, and potential, Smith has indeed lived up to these expectations, becoming a beacon of reliability and skill in the league.

Criticism and Controversy

Success doesn’t come without its share of criticism. Some critiques have pointed out concerns about Smith’s injury history, questioning his durability. Others have debated his work ethic and consistency. Yet, through every challenge, Smith has responded with undeterred determination, showcasing his value on the field.

Speculation on Position

Recent times have seen whispers about a potential shift for Tyron Smith, back to the position of left tackle. A role he was familiar with during his college years and early career with the Cowboys, any shift now would certainly mark a pivotal moment in his career trajectory.

Current Status in the Cowboys Roster

Anticipation surrounds the Dallas Cowboys’ 2023 roster. Tyron Smith, with his vast experience, is projected to remain a starting offensive lineman. But challenges arise in the form of younger talents like Terence Steele and Matt Waletzko.

Possibility of Surprise Cuts

2023 could bring unexpected changes for the Dallas Cowboys, given their salary cap dynamics. Tyron Smith, being one of the top earners, might find himself in the crosshairs. However, any decision would necessitate identifying a fitting replacement for such a key player.


With an unwavering dedication to the sport and the Dallas Cowboys, Tyron Smith stands tall, both literally and metaphorically, in the NFL. As he embarks on his 13th season, one thing remains certain: Tyron Smith’s commitment

— by Tushar Shah