How Much is Checo Perez Worth in 2023?


Sergio Perez, widely recognized as “Checo,” is a leading figure in the world of Formula One, representing Red Bull Racing. As of September 2023, Checo has bagged three race wins and secured 18 podium finishes. The burning question on many fans’ minds is: What’s Checo Perez’s net worth this year? Delving into various sources, it’s found that estimates for Checo’s net worth range from USD 30 million to an impressive USD 75 million.

  1. Summary of checo perez net worth
  2. Estimating Checo Perez’s Net Worth
  3. Perez’s Earnings and Salary
  4. Career Overview
  5. Influence of Budget Cap and Performance
  6. International Recognition
  7. Conclusion

Going deeper into these numbers gives us a clearer understanding of his earnings, his illustrious career in racing, and how international recognition has cemented his status among the world’s wealthiest athletes.

Summary of checo perez net worth

Aspect Detail
Estimated Net Worth USD 30 million – USD 75 million
2023 Annual Salary Estimated $10 million
Major Teams Associated Sauber, McLaren, Red Bull Racing
Total Podium Finishes 18 by September 2023
Major Endorsement Deals Telcel, Claro, Interproteccion

Estimating Checo Perez’s Net Worth

Differing numbers abound when it comes to Checo’s net worth in 2023. Some figures suggest a net worth between USD 30 million and USD 50 million. However, certain reports from August 2023 place it as high as USD 75 million. While getting an exact number is challenging due to undisclosed assets and liabilities, one thing’s for sure: Checo is among the elite in terms of athlete wealth.

Perez’s Earnings and Salary

Diverse income streams contribute to Checo’s wealth. His earnings encompass his Formula One salary, race prize money, and brand endorsements. For 2023, his projected annual salary stands at a whopping $10 million, marking him as one of Formula One’s top earners. Moreover, his 2022 race victories added over $15 million to his pocket. Endorsement deals with brands like Telcel, Claro, and Interproteccion further boost his earnings.

Career Overview

Checo’s journey from karting championships in Mexico to the apex of Formula One is truly inspiring. From winning the Mexican Karting Championship in 2006 to joining the ranks of Sauber, McLaren, and Force India, his career trajectory has been remarkable. Since 2021, his association with Red Bull Racing alongside Max Verstappen has seen him play a crucial role, notably helping the team secure the constructors’ championship in 2022.

Influence of Budget Cap and Performance

The budget cap introduced in Formula One in 2021 significantly altered the sport’s financial dynamics. This cap affects team expenditures on car development and salaries. While Checo has consistently delivered stellar performances, achieving eight podium finishes since joining Red Bull, comparisons with teammate and two-time world champion, Max Verstappen, often emerge.

International Recognition

Checo’s prowess on the track and his impressive “checo perez net worth” have earned him international acclaim. He’s not just a racing sensation; in Mexico, he’s a national hero. His net worth, estimated at USD 75 million, firmly places him in the league of Formula One’s highest earners.


Checo Perez’s net worth, estimated around USD 75 million in 2023, reflects his achievements and dominance in Formula One. His earnings, sourced from his salary, race victories, and endorsements, have paved the way for his immense wealth. As one of the most influential figures in modern racing and a national icon in Mexico, Checo’s journey is both inspiring and commendable.


1. What is the estimated net worth of Checo Perez in 2023?
Sergio “Checo” Perez’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be between USD 30 million and USD 75 million.

2. How much does Sergio Perez earn annually in 2023?
Sergio Perez’s projected annual salary for 2023 is approximately $10 million.

3. Which major teams has Perez been associated with?
Checo Perez has been associated with leading F1 teams such as Sauber, McLaren, and Red Bull Racing.

4. How many podium finishes has Perez achieved by 2023?
By September 2023, Checo Perez has secured a total of 18 podium finishes.

— by Rajesh Dawar