How Much Does Gregor Townsend, Scotland Renowned Rugby Coach, Earn?


In the world of rugby, the salaries of coaches play an essential role, reflecting their contributions and significance. Gregor Townsend, the head coach of the Scotland national rugby team since 2017, has become a focal point in such discussions. Today, we dive deep into the details surrounding “gregor townsend salary” and what it tells us about the world of rugby.

  1. Summary of Gregor Townsend Salary
  2. Gregor Townsend’s Annual Salary
  3. Context of Gregor Townsend’s Salary
  4. Gregor Townsend’s Net Worth
  5. Scotland Rugby Coach’s Decision to Defer Wages
  6. Conclusion

As of 2023, Gregor Townsend’s annual salary stands at a whopping £500,000.00. When converted, this amounts to approximately $634,700.00 USD or €580,000.00 EUR, placing him among the top-earning rugby coaches globally.

Summary of Gregor Townsend Salary

Key Detail Information
Position Scotland Rugby Head Coach
Annual Salary £500,000.00
Salary in USD $634,700.00
Salary in EUR €580,000.00
Net Worth $2 million
Salary Deferment 25% in 2020
Appointment Year 2017
Professional Role Sports coach, former player

Gregor Townsend, born in 1973 in Scotland, is not just any rugby coach. Before taking up coaching, he showcased his prowess on the field, representing Scotland in 84 international test matches. His experience and expertise led him to become the head coach of the Scotland national rugby team in 2017. Today, his salary has become a matter of interest and discussion in rugby circles, underlining the importance and value that rugby organizations place on such high-profile coaches.

Gregor Townsend’s Annual Salary

The exact annual earning of Gregor Townsend is £500,000.00. A sports coach of his caliber, born and bred in Scotland, enjoys such a hefty package due to the immense value he brings to the team. This salary, when translated into different currencies, is roughly equivalent to $634,700.00 USD or €580,000.00 EUR.

Context of Gregor Townsend’s Salary

Every rugby coach’s salary holds significance as it mirrors their value and the faith teams and organizations place in them. A comparative analysis with other coaches in the Six Nations Championship reveals some interesting insights:

  • Eddie Jones, guiding the England team, tops the list with £750,000.00.
  • Fabien Galthié of France stands at £650,000.00.
  • Both Andy Farrell (Ireland) and Kieran Crowley (Italy) match Townsend’s salary of £500,000.00.
  • Wayne Pivac of Wales also earns an annual £500,000.00.

While Townsend’s salary is competitive and in line with other Six Nations Championship coaches, the living cost variations in each country may affect the actual value of these salaries.

Gregor Townsend’s Net Worth

Beyond his annual earnings, Gregor Townsend has an estimated net worth of $2 million. This figure encompasses not just his earnings from coaching but also his fruitful career as a professional rugby player.

Scotland Rugby Coach’s Decision to Defer Wages

2020 saw Townsend making a noteworthy decision. He agreed to defer his wages by 25% to stand in unity with other notable rugby figures like Dave Rennie and Richard Cockerill. This collective decision aimed to support the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) amidst the financial turbulence caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


In summary, “gregor townsend salary” stands at an impressive £500,000.00 annually, making him one of the highest-paid rugby coaches in the world. His earnings align well with other head coaches in the Six Nations Championship. Furthermore, Townsend’s overall net worth, estimated at $2 million, showcases his success both as a player and a coach. His selfless decision to defer his wages during challenging times speaks volumes about his dedication to the sport and the rugby community.

1. What is Gregor Townsend’s annual salary?
Gregor Townsend earns £500,000.00 annually as the head coach of the Scotland national rugby team.

2. How does his salary compare to other Six Nations Championship coaches?
His salary is competitive and in line with other head coaches, like Andy Farrell and Kieran Crowley, who also earn £500,000.00.

3. What is Gregor Townsend’s net worth?
Gregor Townsend’s estimated net worth is around $2 million.

4. Did Gregor Townsend take any pay cuts recently?
Yes, in 2020, Townsend agreed to defer 25% of his wages due to the financial challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to the SRU.

— by Anish Kapoor