How Much Does Breece Hall Earn? Unpacking His $9 Million Deal with the New York Jets


Breece Hall is a notable name in the football universe, especially after getting picked by the New York Jets. The young star has secured a four-year contract, amounting to $9,014,774. With such a figure, many might wonder, “What exactly is Breece Hall’s salary?” Let’s dive in and scrutinize the numbers.

  1. Breece Hall’s Contract Details
  2. Breakdown of Breece Hall’s Salary
  3. Breece Hall’s NFL Draft and Rookie Salary
  4. Career Earnings
  5. Breece Hall’s Net Worth
  6. Conclusion
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Breece Hall, the talented running back, has swiftly made a name for himself in the NFL. His association with the New York Jets not only brought him fame but also a significant paycheck.

Breece Hall’s Contract Details

Breece’s contract with the Jets is nothing short of impressive:

  • Contract duration: 4 years
  • Total value of the contract: $9,014,774
  • A hefty signing bonus: $3,736,200
  • A guaranteed amount of: $6,375,487
  • Making the average annual salary: $2,253,694

Breakdown of Breece Hall’s Salary

The intricacies of Breece’s salary include:

  • Earnings for 2023: A base salary of $1,114,762
  • The cap hit for this year, 2023: $2,048,812
  • Dead cap value stands at: $5,441,437

Breece Hall’s NFL Draft and Rookie Salary

Drafted 36th overall by the New York Jets in the 2022 NFL Draft, Breece’s entry was grand. As part of the rookie package, Hall pocketed $705,000 in 2022.

Career Earnings

From 2022 to 2023, Breece Hall has managed to amass:

  • In 2023: $1,114,762
  • The previous year, 2022: $705,000 alongside a $3,736,200 signing bonus, amounting to $4,441,200

Breece Hall’s Net Worth

Given his earnings and endorsements, Breece Hall’s estimated net worth currently stands at an approximate $3 million.


Breece Hall’s journey in the NFL, though just beginning, seems promising. With a $9 million contract with the Jets and $6.3 million guaranteed, Hall is set to make his mark in the NFL. His earnings from 2022 and 2023 alone surpass $1.8 million. The future undoubtedly holds more for this young talent.

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Q1: How long is Breece Hall’s contract with the Jets?
Answer: Breece Hall signed a 4-year contract with the New York Jets.

Q2: What was Breece Hall’s rookie salary in 2022?
Answer: Breece Hall earned $705,000 as his rookie salary in 2022.

Q3: What is the total value of Breece’s contract?
Answer: The contract is worth $9,014,774, inclusive of bonuses and guarantees.

Q4: Where was Breece Hall picked in the 2022 NFL Draft?
Answer: Breece Hall was drafted 36th overall by the New York Jets in the 2022 NFL Draft.

— by Sumit Kapoor