How Long Is Starfield Main Story? The Completion Time and Campaign Length


If you’ve been eagerly waiting for Starfield, the upcoming open-world RPG by Bethesda Game Studios, you’re probably curious about one crucial thing: how long is Starfield main story? According to Todd Howard, the game’s director, you’re looking at around 30 to 40 hours for the main questline alone. This timeline is around 20% longer compared to other Bethesda classics like Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

  1. Summary of How Long Is Starfield Main Story
  2. Duration of Starfield’s Main Story
  3. Catering to Different Playstyles
  4. Game’s Immersive World
  5. Main Story Mission Breakdown
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It’s essential to note, however, that this is a rough estimate. The time could vary depending on your gameplay style, whether you rush through the main story or engage in side quests and exploration. With this in mind, let’s dive deeper into what Starfield’s main story offers.

Summary of How Long Is Starfield Main Story

Feature Information
Game Starfield
Main Story Length Estimated 30 to 40 hours
Comparison with Fallout 4 27 hours
Comparison with Skyrim 26 hours
Missions in Main Story Nineteen

Duration of Starfield’s Main Story

Todd Howard recently revealed that the main story would take about 30 to 40 hours to complete. That’s a generous amount of gameplay, especially when compared to previous Bethesda titles, which average around 27 hours for the main story.

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If you’re the type of player who aims to complete the main story while dabbling in some side quests, these numbers offer a good baseline. Your experience could range significantly depending on how focused or explorative you are during your playthrough.

Catering to Different Playstyles

Bethesda games often offer the freedom to focus either on the main story or on the various side quests and faction activities. Some players prefer to concentrate on what game enthusiasts often refer to as the “critical path,” the quickest route to completing the main story.

Regardless of your playstyle, Starfield caters to all. With 19 missions broken down into smaller, manageable objectives, you’ll find a lot to keep you occupied whether you’re rushing or taking your time.

Game’s Immersive World

Starfield is more than just its main story. It’s an expansive open-world RPG that offers a range of exploration opportunities. From wandering around new planets to participating in side quests, there’s much more than just the main story quests.

This world is designed to be immersive and filled with endless possibilities. Todd Howard has ensured that players who enjoy exploration will not be disappointed.

Main Story Mission Breakdown

The main story of Starfield is structured around 19 missions. Each of these missions is further divided into smaller tasks that make the storyline more manageable and engaging.

This division into multiple segments means you can enjoy the story at your own pace without feeling rushed. You can immerse yourself in each mission fully, knowing that each one contributes to the overarching narrative.


So, if you’re wondering how long is Starfield main story, the estimated time is 30 to 40 hours. However, your personal playtime could be much longer, depending on how you choose to engage with the game’s numerous side quests and exploration opportunities.

In summary, Starfield promises an immersive and rewarding gameplay experience. Whether you’re the type to beeline through the main story or someone who loves to explore every corner of the game world, there’s something in Starfield for you.


How does this compare to other Bethesda titles like Fallout 4 or Skyrim?
Starfield’s main story is estimated to be around 20% longer than that of Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

Is the game only about the main story?
No, Starfield offers various side quests, faction activities, and exploration opportunities, adding significant hours to your gameplay.

How is the main story structured?
The main story is divided into 19 missions, each of which is further broken down into smaller, manageable objectives.

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