How Has ‘The Price Is Right’ Changed with Bob Barker and Drew Carey?


The legacy of “The Price Is Right” is significantly shaped by its two iconic hosts: Bob Barker and Drew Carey. This show, with its rich history and massive following, experienced a significant transition in 2007. Bob Barker, after more than three decades of hosting, passed the baton to Drew Carey. The recent demise of Bob Barker has brought about an outpour of heartfelt tributes, notably from Drew Carey himself.

  1. Summary of bob barker and drew carey
  2. Introduction
  3. Bob Barker’s Legacy and Contribution
  4. Drew Carey’s Connection and Tribute
  5. Final Episode and Instagram Celebration
  6. Tributes from Entertainment Industry
  7. Personal Connections and Memories
  8. Conclusion

The duo, bob barker and drew carey, both have left an indelible mark on the show. Barker’s tenure saw “The Price Is Right” grow into a cultural phenomenon, and his commitment to animal rights became synonymous with the show’s closing notes. Drew Carey, on the other hand, brought a refreshing energy, ensuring the show’s appeal to newer generations.

Summary of bob barker and drew carey

Bob Barker Drew Carey
Hosted “The Price Is Right” for over three decades Took over hosting duties in 2007
Known for animal rights advocacy Continues to honor Barker’s legacy
Final episode aired on June 25, 2007 Shared a heartfelt tribute on Twitter
Passed away recently Part of the show since 2007


“The Price Is Right,” a cornerstone of television history, owes much to its hosts. Bob Barker’s recent passing has led to a wave of tributes, with Drew Carey at the forefront, highlighting the influence and legacy of Barker.

Bob Barker’s Legacy and Contribution

Barker’s impact on the show is unparalleled. Under his guidance, it flourished into a ratings giant. Beyond hosting, his iconic sign-off urging pet neutering showcased his fierce commitment to animal rights. His influence extended to other shows and even the film industry.

Drew Carey’s Connection and Tribute

Drew Carey’s journey with “The Price Is Right” is a storied one. Prior to becoming its host in 2007, he was a contestant in 1993. The bond between bob barker and drew carey was evident when Carey expressed his admiration and gratitude for Barker on Twitter, following his passing.

Final Episode and Instagram Celebration

The transition in 2007, when Carey replaced Barker, was momentous. The final episode under Barker’s reign was commemorated with celebrity appearances. A poignant Instagram post by the show’s cast celebrated this transition, showcasing a photo of the two hosts together.

Tributes from Entertainment Industry

Bob Barker’s demise saw a cascade of tributes from industry stalwarts like Adam Sandler and Julie Bowen. The overwhelming response on social media underlined the profound impact Barker had, transcending just television.

Personal Connections and Memories

Beyond professional ties, many shared personal anecdotes and memories of Barker. Drew Carey’s recollections shed light on their deeper connection, emphasizing their friendly neighborly interactions and Barker’s enduring influence.


Bob Barker and Drew Carey, two pillars of “The Price Is Right,” have etched their mark on the show’s legacy. Their contributions will continue to inspire and resonate with audiences for generations to come.


What transition took place in 2007 on “The Price Is Right”?
Drew Carey replaced Bob Barker as the host of “The Price Is Right” in 2007.

How did Drew Carey respond to Bob Barker’s passing?
Drew Carey shared a heartfelt tribute on Twitter, expressing his deep admiration and gratitude for Bob Barker.

Did Bob Barker and Drew Carey share a personal connection?
Yes, beyond professional ties, Drew Carey has spoken about their friendly interactions, especially as neighbors.

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