How Has Harlon Barnett Salary Changed As Michigan State Interim Football Coach?


On October 2, 2023, Harlon Barnett, previously the secondary coach at Michigan State University, took over as the interim head football coach. This change occurred following the firing of Mel Tucker due to sexual harassment allegations. Naturally, there’s been rising interest surrounding “harlon barnett salary” and what he might earn if given the permanent position.

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  2. Harlon Barnett’s Salary Increase
  3. Harlon Barnett’s Career History
  4. Speculation About Future Coaching at Michigan State
  5. Salary Changes Among Michigan State Football Assistant Coaches
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Harlon Barnett’s new annual salary is $525,000, up from $480,000. This increase of $45,000 is a significant jump, especially for an assistant coach. His salary change has made many speculate if this adjustment is connected to his new role as the interim head coach.

Summary of harlon barnett salary

Date Coach Salary Change Amount Increase
February 2022 Harlon Barnett $480,000 to $525,000 $45,000 increase
February 2022 Scottie Hazelton $950,000 to $1,100,000 $150,000 increase
February 2022 Ted Gilmore $500,000 to $550,000 $50,000 increase

The recent controversy surrounding the dismissal of Mel Tucker from Michigan State over allegations of sexual harassment has pushed Harlon Barnett into the spotlight. With him stepping up as the interim head coach, there’s an increasing focus on his earnings and potential future earnings.

Harlon Barnett’s Salary Increase

Before his role change, Barnett had a noteworthy increase in his salary. Originally earning $480,000 annually, his income was boosted to $525,000 in February 2022. That’s a $45,000 elevation, which isn’t a common raise among assistant coaches.

Harlon Barnett’s Career History

Barnett’s coaching journey began in 1996 at the University of Toledo. Since then, he’s taken up roles at several reputable institutions, including stints at Michigan State, Florida State, and the University of South Florida. His return to Michigan State in 2017 marked his position as the secondary coach.

Speculation About Future Coaching at Michigan State

The coaching world is buzzing with speculations. CFB podcasters are hinting at Notre Dame defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman as a potential candidate for Michigan State’s head coach position. Yet, there’s no official word from the university. If Barnett shines in his interim role, there’s a chance he could be up for the permanent position.

Salary Changes Among Michigan State Football Assistant Coaches

It’s not just Barnett who experienced a shift in salary. In February 2022, several other Michigan State football assistant coaches also saw pay raises. Scottie Hazelton’s salary jumped from $950,000 to $1,100,000, while Ted Gilmore’s pay rose from $500,000 to $550,000. These adjustments underline the university’s dedication to its coaching team.


The interim role and salary uplift highlight the trust and confidence Michigan State University places in Harlon Barnett. Whether he will secure the permanent position remains to be seen, but the increase in “harlon barnett salary” hints at the university’s belief in his capabilities.


Q: Who took over as interim head coach after Mel Tucker’s firing at Michigan State?
A: Harlon Barnett is currently serving as the interim head football coach.

Q: How much did Harlon Barnett’s salary increase in February 2022?
A: His salary rose by $45,000, from $480,000 to $525,000.

Q: Did other Michigan State football assistant coaches also get raises in 2022?
A: Yes, coaches like Scottie Hazelton and Ted Gilmore also experienced salary increases.

Q: Is it confirmed if Harlon Barnett will be the permanent head coach for Michigan State?
A: No official announcement has been made regarding this matter.

— by Rohit Wadhwa