How Far is Israel from Dubai? Unraveling the Journey


Ever wondered about the israel dubai distance? If you’re looking to travel between Israel and Dubai, two bustling hubs in the Middle East, you’re not alone. Let’s unravel the distance details and understand the various routes and options available.

  1. Summary of israel dubai distance
  2. Airline Routes and Distances
  3. Geographical Midpoint
  4. Alternative Travel Options
  5. The India-Middle East Corridor
  6. Conclusion

The Middle East is home to a myriad of cultural, historical, and modern attractions. Among these, Israel and Dubai stand out. Their distance has been a topic of interest for many, especially given their prominence on the global tourist map. Let’s dive in to unravel this distance mystery.

Summary of israel dubai distance

Key Information Value
Shortest air distance between Israel and Dubai 1,319.10 miles (2,122.89 km)
Shortest driving route distance 1,694.88 miles (2,727.65 km)
Flight distance from Tel Aviv-Yafo to Dubai 1,328 miles (2,137 km)
Bird fly distance 1,329 miles (2,139 km)
Approximate flight duration 3 hours and 10 minutes
Geographical midpoint location Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Region

Airline Routes and Distances

The israel dubai distance, when traveling by air, is approximately 1,319.10 miles (2,122.89 km). For those considering a road trip, brace yourself for a journey spanning around 1,694.88 miles (2,727.65 km), which would approximately take 29 hours and 46 minutes of driving time. Specifically, if you are to board a flight from Tel Aviv-Yafo in Israel to Dubai, the distance is about 1,328 miles (2,137 km). On the other hand, the bird’s eye view distance, or the straight-line distance, is close at 1,329 miles (2,139 km), and a flight covering this would last for about 3 hours and 10 minutes.

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Geographical Midpoint

It’s interesting to note that the geographical midpoint between Israel and Dubai is nestled in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia. This midpoint is roughly 659.55 miles (1,061.45 km) away from both Israel and Dubai. A great tidbit for trivia enthusiasts!

Alternative Travel Options

Traveling always comes with options. For those not in a rush and looking to explore more destinations en route, consider the Dubai-Barcelona-Mexico City connection offered by Emirates airlines. Another promising development on the horizon is the India-Middle East Corridor. Proposed to connect India with the Middle East, this corridor would pass through countries like Iran and Oman. If realized, this could very well become a game-changer for those traveling between Israel and Dubai.

The India-Middle East Corridor

Still in its conceptual stages, the India-Middle East Corridor aims to bridge India to the heart of the Middle East. While Israel hasn’t officially committed, there’s strong speculation that it might be an integral part of this project in the future. Such a development could reshape travel patterns in the region.


To recap, the air distance between Israel and Dubai stands at about 1,319.10 miles (2,122.89 km). Travelers pondering a road trip would be covering close to 1,694.88 miles (2,727.65 km). The importance of understanding these distances cannot be overstated, especially if one is planning a trip. Knowledge of these specifics aids in better route selection and time management.


Q: How long does it take to fly from Tel Aviv to Dubai?
It takes approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Q: What’s the direct air distance between Israel and Dubai?
The direct air distance is around 1,319.10 miles (2,122.89 km).

Q: Is there a midpoint between Israel and Dubai?
Yes, the geographical midpoint is located in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Region.

Q: Are there alternative routes to consider?
Yes, options like the Dubai-Barcelona-Mexico City route by Emirates and the prospective India-Middle East Corridor are alternatives.

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