How Does Brent Venable Salary in 2023 Compare Among College Football Coaches Nationally and in the Big 12?


In 2023, Brent Venables, the newly appointed head coach of the Oklahoma football team, has secured a spot as one of the top-earning college football coaches. With a total annual compensation of $7.1 million, he ranks 17th among all college football coaches, as reported by USA Today.

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  2. Brent Venables’ Salary Overview
  3. Breakdown of Brent Venables’ Compensation
  4. Ranking in the Big 12
  5. National Ranking
  6. SEC and Big 12 Comparison
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Given the significance of his earnings, let’s delve deeper into the breakdown, ranking, and implications of Brent Venables’ salary.

Summary of brent venables salary

Date Data Summary
2023-10-07 $7.1 million Total annual compensation
2023-10-07 17th National ranking among college football coaches
2023-10-07 $375,000 Annual base salary
2023-10-07 $6,075,000 Personal services compensation
2023-10-07 2nd Ranking among Big 12 coaches

Brent Venables’ Salary Overview

In the realm of college football, Brent Venables has managed to carve out an impressive earnings spot for himself. In 2023, his salary stands at a whopping $7.1 million, securing him the title of the 17th highest paid coach in the nation.

Breakdown of Brent Venables’ Compensation

Diving into the details, Venables’ annual base salary is a modest $375,000. However, the majority of his income, approximately $6,075,000 in the first year, stems from personal services compensation. Interestingly, while the university shoulders the responsibility of his base salary, generous private contributions account for the remainder.

Ranking in the Big 12

Within the Big 12 conference, Brent Venables’ financial position is nothing short of commendable. His 2023 earnings rank him second, just behind Mike Gundy of Oklahoma State.

National Ranking

On the national spectrum, Venables holds the 17th position among college football coaches in 2023, a testament to his value in the sport.

SEC and Big 12 Comparison

The transfer of Venables to Oklahoma is noteworthy. His inclusion in the Big 12 means the conference now boasts one of the nation’s top-paid coaches. This could further heat up the competition with the SEC, a conference which already enjoys the presence of nine out of the top 20 highest-paid coaches.


Brent Venables has undoubtedly cemented his status as one of the elite earners in college football coaching. Ranking in the top 20 nationally, his remuneration, especially his significant move to Oklahoma, draws attention to the ever-evolving dynamics of college football coaching salaries.


What is Brent Venables’ total annual compensation in 2023?
He earns $7.1 million in 2023.

Where does he rank nationally among college football coaches?
He holds the 17th position nationally in 2023.

How much is Venables’ annual base salary?
His base salary stands at $375,000.

How does he rank among Big 12 coaches in 2023?
He is the second-highest paid coach in the Big 12.

— by Rajan Patil