How Does Aaron Judge Salary Compare to MLB Elite?


aaron judge salary
aaron judge salary

In December 2022, the Major League Baseball (MLB) world was set abuzz when Aaron Judge inked a record-shattering contract. By signing a nine-year deal worth $360 million with the New York Yankees, Judge not only secured his financial future but also made a statement about his position among the sport’s top echelons. As of now, this article will delve into the details of the “aaron judge salary” and shed light on its significance in the realm of professional baseball.

  1. Summary of aaron judge salary
  2. Aaron Judge’s Historic Contract
  3. Annual Average Salary
  4. Comparisons with Other Players
  5. Turning Down a Lucrative Offer
  6. Historical Significance
  7. Conclusion

Aaron Judge, a two-time All-Star and the 2022 American League MVP, is unquestionably one of the most dominant figures in MLB today. This athletic prowess was further highlighted in 2022 when he belted out 62 home runs, a record for an American League player in a single season.

Summary of aaron judge salary

Date Event Details
December 2022 Aaron Judge signs with New York Yankees Nine-year, $360 million contract – Largest ever for a baseball free agent
2022 Season Highlights Hits 62 home runs and becomes the American League MVP
2023 Start of the New Contract Embarks on his journey as MLB’s highest-paid position player with a salary of $40 million

Aaron Judge’s meteoric rise in the MLB landscape is no secret. From his debut to becoming a two-time All-Star and clinching the 2022 American League MVP title, his journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. While his on-field exploits continue to garner attention, this article aims to focus on the financial aspect: Aaron Judge’s groundbreaking salary and contract details.

Aaron Judge’s Historic Contract

December 2022 marked a historic moment for Aaron Judge. Agreeing to a nine-year, $360 million contract with the New York Yankees, Judge set a new benchmark. This impressive deal surpassed all previous records, making it the biggest ever for a baseball free agent. A unique aspect of this contract is the no-trade clause, underlining the Yankees’ faith in Judge’s capabilities and their intent to retain him.

Annual Average Salary

Breaking down “aaron judge salary,” we find that the annual average comes to a whopping $40 million. This staggering amount elevates Judge to the position of MLB’s highest-paid position player. To give some context, renowned players like Mike Trout and Bryce Harper earn an average of $35.5 million and $27.5 million, respectively.

Comparisons with Other Players

Judge’s salary is indeed a benchmark in terms of position players. However, when we venture into the broader spectrum of MLB salaries, pitchers Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander of the New York Mets edge past him with an average salary of $43.3 million each.

Turning Down a Lucrative Offer

Before embarking on his record-breaking 2022 season, Judge took a significant risk. He turned down the Yankees’ eight-year, $230.5 million contract extension proposal. Betting on himself and his abilities, this gamble bore fruit as he not only delivered an exemplary season but also bagged a more lucrative $360 million deal by its end.

Historical Significance

Judge’s contract is not just a personal victory; it’s an emblematic event in baseball history. Its value signifies Judge’s unparalleled talent and the Yankees’ determination to succeed. Moreover, this contract will likely catalyze a paradigm shift in future MLB salary negotiations, setting higher precedents.


Summing up, Aaron Judge’s nine-year, $360 million contract is a testament to his unparalleled skills and his standing in MLB. Beyond its monetary value, this contract is poised to influence future MLB salary structures and negotiations.


How long is Aaron Judge’s contract with the Yankees?
Aaron Judge signed a nine-year contract with the New York Yankees.

How much is Aaron Judge’s average annual salary?
His annual average salary stands at $40 million.

Did Aaron Judge set any record with his new contract?
Yes, his nine-year, $360 million contract is the largest ever signed by a free agent in baseball history.

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