Does Coco Gauff Boyfriend Play a Role in Her 2023 US Open Triumph?


does coco gauff have a boyfriend
does coco gauff have a boyfriend

The world of tennis was set ablaze not just by Coco Gauff’s historic $3 million win at the 2023 US Open but also by a revelation she made post-victory. Yes, the burning question on everyone’s mind: does Coco Gauff have a boyfriend?

  1. Summary of does coco gauff have a boyfriend
  2. Coco Gauff’s Surprise Revelation
  3. The Mention of Gauff’s Boyfriend
  4. Speculations About Her Boyfriend
  5. The Boyfriend’s Role in Her US Open Win
  6. Coco Gauff’s Personal Life Beyond Tennis
  7. Reactions from Tennis Fans and Media
  8. Conclusion

Coco Gauff, the teenage tennis prodigy, unveiled a personal side of her life after clinching the US Open title. This 19-year-old didn’t just make headlines for her impressive win; she surprised many by sharing details about her personal life.

Summary of does coco gauff have a boyfriend

Aspect Details
US Open Victory September 9, 2023
Prize Money $3 million
Boyfriend Mention Post-match press conference
Speculated Identity Handsome Black man/Carlos Alcaraz
Role in US Open Win Emotional support and grounding
Personal Life Highlights Strong family bond, love for video games, advocacy for social justice
Fans and Media Reaction Mixed – support and concern

Coco Gauff’s Surprise Revelation

After her monumental US Open victory, Coco sent shockwaves through the tennis community. Not because of her exceptional tennis skills alone, but due to her revelation about having a boyfriend. The night before her Grand Slam title win, she called him to calm her jitters.

The Mention of Gauff’s Boyfriend

During her post-match press conference, she briefly stated, “I just called my boyfriend, and I told him let’s talk until it’s time to go to sleep.” This declaration took fans and media by surprise, given her previously private personal life.

Speculations About Her Boyfriend

Who is the mysterious man dating Coco Gauff? Media Take Out hinted at a “handsome Black man” being in the picture. There are whispers, with some fans thinking it might be Carlos Alcaraz, another tennis talent. But for now, Gauff chooses to keep his identity under wraps.

The Boyfriend’s Role in Her US Open Win

What’s evident is the significant role her boyfriend plays in her life. Coco credits him for his unwavering support, stating conversations with him kept her grounded, focused, and positive throughout the tournament.

Coco Gauff’s Personal Life Beyond Tennis

Away from the courts, Coco’s life is anchored by her tight-knit family and friends. With parents like Cori and Candi Gauff, it’s no surprise she’s grounded. Like Serena Williams, she’s a teenage sensation with a Grand Slam win. But unlike Serena, she’s introduced the world to her boyfriend at the peak of her victory.

Reactions from Tennis Fans and Media

The tennis community has had mixed reactions. While some laud her openness, others worry about potential distractions. But, most fans respect her choice and realize the significance of personal relationships in shaping an athlete’s career.


Coco Gauff’s recent US Open victory has not just highlighted her professional prowess but has also shone a light on her personal life. Her boyfriend, though his identity remains a mystery, has been instrumental in her success. As we continue to watch her soar in her career, it’ll be interesting to see how her personal relationships evolve and intertwine with her professional journey.


Did Coco Gauff win the 2023 US Open?
Yes, Coco Gauff clinched the 2023 US Open title.

How much prize money did she earn from the win?
Coco Gauff earned a whopping $3 million from her US Open victory.

Did she reveal any personal details post-victory?
Yes, she mentioned having a boyfriend in the post-match press conference.

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