Did Whoopi Goldberg Really Leave The View? What We Know


Did Whoopi Goldberg leave “The View”? This question has been circulating among fans and viewers in recent times. The simple answer is that while she has had occasional absences, some due to health reasons and others due to controversies or personal engagements, as of now, Whoopi Goldberg is still associated with “The View”.

  1. Summary of “did whoopi goldberg leave the view”
  2. A Series of Absences
  3. Other Controversies
  4. A Return to the Show
  5. Episodes Without Whoopi
  6. What Co-Hosts Say
  7. In Conclusion

There have been several instances that fueled these speculations. From walking off set due to a heated debate, to missing episodes because of health concerns, let’s delve deeper into the series of events that led to this widespread question.

Summary of “did whoopi goldberg leave the view”

Event/Reason Details
Walked off set Due to a debate involving Miranda Lambert
COVID-19 Absence Missed episodes because of testing positive
Security Concern Live interview cut off
ABC Suspension Suspended for two weeks following controversial remarks
Return for Season 27 Confirmed to be returning alongside other co-hosts

A Series of Absences

Goldberg made headlines when she walked off the set of ABC’s “The View” on July 18, following a passionate conversation around a controversy involving singer Miranda Lambert. Fans were taken aback as Miranda was criticized for confronting women taking selfies during her concert.

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Additionally, she was absent from the Season 27 premiere episode of the show. This absence was attributed to Goldberg testing positive for COVID-19, as she confirmed in a video.

Other Controversies

There was another occasion when “The View” had to cut a live interview due to some security concerns, causing panic and confusion on set. This further sparked speculations around Goldberg’s tenure on the show.

Moreover, ABC News suspended Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks, following comments she made on the daytime program, leading to public apologies.

A Return to the Show

Despite these interruptions, the good news for fans is that Goldberg, along with the rest of the previous season’s cast, is set to return for Season 27 of “The View”. Variety had confirmed in August 2023 that Goldberg would continue her journey on the show alongside co-hosts like Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, and others.

Episodes Without Whoopi

While the seasoned actress and host has been a mainstay on “The View”, there have been episodes where she was notably absent. Some of these absences were due to health reasons, as she was recovering from COVID-19.

On other occasions, Goldberg’s absence was felt as she took time off to meet notable figures like Pope Francis, further fueling her versatile image in the public eye.

What Co-Hosts Say

Fellow co-host Joy Behar has, on occasion, clarified the reasons behind Goldberg’s absence, ensuring fans that it’s a temporary situation and she would soon return.

In Conclusion

Though Whoopi Goldberg has had several absences from “The View”, she remains a key figure on the show. While health concerns, controversies, and personal commitments might lead to occasional gaps, her place on the daytime talk show remains intact.


Did Whoopi Goldberg permanently leave “The View”?
No, while she had several absences, she is still associated with “The View”.

Did health concerns lead to her absence?
Yes, Whoopi Goldberg was absent from some episodes due to testing positive for COVID-19.

Will she be on “The View” for Season 27?
Yes, she, along with other previous season’s cast members, is set to return for Season 27.

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