Did Remy Ma Really Cheat? What Geechi Gotti Revealed and Papoose Shocking Reaction


Remy Ma, the famed rapper, has found herself in the whirlwind of controversy due to recent cheating allegations. The gossip started in summer 2023 and gained new traction in September of the same year when Geechi Gotti brought up the rumors in a rap battle. With emotions running high and a social media frenzy, what is the truth behind these claims? This article dives into the timeline of events, the main players, and the reactions from fans and the online community.

  1. Summary of remy ma cheating allegations
  2. The Initial Rumors
  3. Geechi Gotti’s Confrontation
  4. Reactions from Fans and Social Media
  5. Remy Ma’s Response
  6. Rumors Reignited
  7. Conclusion

Renowned rapper, Remy Ma, has recently been entangled in cheating allegations. The initial whispers began in summer 2023, suggesting an affair with Brooklyn rapper Eazy The Block Captain. However, the pot was truly stirred in September 2023 when rapper Geechi Gotti decided to confront Remy Ma about these rumors in a rap battle, leading to widespread online discussions.

Summary of remy ma cheating allegations

Date Event
Summer 2023 Rumors of Remy Ma cheating on Papoose begin.
September 2023 Geechi Gotti confronts Remy Ma during a rap battle.
September 2023 Remy Ma addresses rumors in a battle against Lady Luck.
September 2023 Eazy The Block Captain posts a cryptic social media message.

The Initial Rumors

During the summer of 2023, rumors swirled suggesting that Remy Ma might have cheated on her husband, Papoose, with rapper Eazy The Block Captain. Social media posts and fan speculations were the primary culprits fueling these rumors. Surprisingly, neither Remy Ma nor Papoose made any public statements addressing these allegations. On the other hand, Eazy The Block Captain denied all claims, emphasizing that his relationship with Remy Ma was purely platonic.

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Geechi Gotti’s Confrontation

Things took a dramatic turn in September 2023. During a heated rap battle, Geechi Gotti boldly confronted Remy Ma with the remy ma cheating allegations, rapping some incendiary lines. The situation escalated when Remy Ma, visibly upset, flipped off Geechi Gotti and made a swift exit from the stage.

Reactions from Fans and Social Media

The confrontation became a sensation overnight. Many fans were in sheer disbelief that Remy Ma could cheat on her spouse, Papoose. Conversely, some criticized Geechi Gotti for recklessly bringing up such personal matters in a rap battle setting. Many expressed their concerns about the potential ramifications these allegations might have on Remy Ma’s career and personal life.

Remy Ma’s Response

In a subsequent rap battle against Lady Luck, Remy Ma chose to address the cheating allegations head-on. In her verses, she vehemently denied the accusations and reassured everyone of her undying love for Papoose. However, the online community remained divided. Some questioned the sincerity of her words, believing she still had secrets to unveil.

Rumors Reignited

Just when it seemed like the dust was settling, the rumors made a comeback. This resurgence was largely attributed to a mysterious message posted by Eazy The Block Captain on his social media. The post, which hinted at “the real story,” was eventually taken down. But it fueled further speculations about the alleged affair. Until now, Eazy The Block Captain hasn’t released any evidence that would confirm the cheating allegations.


Remy Ma’s alleged cheating scandal has undeniably stirred the pot in the rap community. Despite the absence of solid proof, discussions about the incident continue to dominate online platforms. The real impact of these rumors on Remy Ma’s personal life and career trajectory remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure – it’s been a challenging period for the rapper.


Q: When did the rumors about Remy Ma’s alleged cheating start?
A: The rumors started in the summer of 2023.

Q: Who confronted Remy Ma about the cheating allegations in a rap battle?
A: Geechi Gotti confronted Remy Ma during a rap battle in September 2023.

Q: How did Remy Ma respond to the rumors?
A: Remy Ma addressed the rumors during a rap battle against Lady Luck, denying any truth to the allegations.

Q: Did Eazy The Block Captain confirm the cheating rumors?
A: Eazy The Block Captain posted a cryptic message on social media which reignited the rumors, but he hasn’t provided any concrete evidence to support the allegations.

— by Ayush Chatterjee