Did Michael Lewis Daughter Tragedy Almost End His Illustrious Writing Career?


In the literary world, Michael Lewis is a name synonymous with masterful storytelling, especially in the realms of economics and finance. However, in May 2021, a heart-wrenching tragedy nearly put a halt to his illustrious career. The unexpected death of his 19-year-old daughter, Dixie Lewis, left an indelible mark on the author’s life, casting a shadow over his motivation to write.

  1. Summary of michael lewis daughter
  2. The Heartbreaking Loss
  3. Michael Lewis’s Career in Writing
  4. Nearly Quitting Writing
  5. Community Support and Mourning
  6. Conclusion

Michael Lewis, celebrated for his nonfiction books like “Moneyball” and “The Big Short”, faced the unimaginable pain of losing a child. The incident of May 2021, where Dixie Lewis tragically passed away, became a defining moment in the author’s life, pushing him to the brink of giving up his passion for writing.

Summary of michael lewis daughter

Date Event Summary
May 25, 2021 Dixie Lewis and Ross Schultz’s tragic death in a car crash Michael Lewis’s 19-year-old daughter and her boyfriend died in a head-on collision with a semi-truck
August 9, 2021 Michael Lewis’s interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” Lewis revealed his thoughts of quitting writing post his daughter’s death

The Heartbreaking Loss

On a fateful day in May 2021, Dixie Lewis was on State Route 89 in Truckee, California, with her boyfriend, Ross Schultz. A catastrophic accident involving a head-on collision with a semi-truck claimed both their lives instantly. For Michael Lewis and his wife, Tabitha Soren, this loss felt as if “a hole has been blown” in their existence. The emotional ramifications of such a tragedy were enormous, with Lewis grappling with profound grief.

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Michael Lewis’s Career in Writing

An author with a gift for simplifying intricate economic and financial narratives, Michael Lewis’s works have resonated globally. Titles like “Moneyball” and “The Big Short” have not only become bestsellers but have also been translated into over 30 languages. Moreover, Lewis’s insights have frequently graced the pages of reputable publications like Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and The New Republic.

Nearly Quitting Writing

The weight of the loss bore heavily on Lewis. In a candid revelation on CBS’s “60 Minutes”, he admitted that he contemplated abandoning writing post Dixie’s death. Trying to write about financial intricacies while facing personal chaos felt inauthentic. The pain of the loss made even the joy of writing seem distant and unreachable.

Community Support and Mourning

In the face of adversity, the surrounding community extended a warm embrace to Michael Lewis and his family. The outpouring of condolences, love, and support was overwhelming. The collective grief culminated in a touching memorial service for Dixie Lewis and Ross Schultz. Additionally, a scholarship, bearing Dixie’s name, was established, further amplifying the community’s solidarity.


The journey of Michael Lewis post the tragedy stands testament to human resilience. Even when confronted with insurmountable grief, he managed to persevere, continuing to enlighten readers with his works. It serves as a poignant reminder that hope can be found even in the bleakest of circumstances.


Q: When did the tragic incident involving Dixie Lewis occur?
A: Dixie Lewis tragically passed away in a car accident on May 25, 2021.

Q: How did the accident impact Michael Lewis’s career?
A: Following the tragic loss of his daughter, Michael Lewis contemplated quitting writing altogether.

Q: What are some of Michael Lewis’s notable works?
A: Some of his acclaimed works include “Moneyball” and “The Big Short”.

Q: How did the community support Michael Lewis after the tragedy?
A: The community offered immense support, condolences, and even established a scholarship in Dixie Lewis’s name.

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