Did Joshua Jackson Cheat on Jodie Turner-Smith? Exploring Their Divorce and Infidelity Rumors


The entertainment world was recently abuzz when news broke out about British actress and model Jodie Turner-Smith filing for divorce from Canadian-American actor Joshua Jackson. With their divorce being the latest in a series of celebrity splits in 2023, questions have arisen: did Joshua Jackson cheat on Jodie Turner-Smith?

  1. Summary of did joshua jackson cheat
  2. Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith’s Relationship
  3. Infidelity Rumors Surrounding Joshua Jackson
  4. Joshua’s Previous Relationship with Diane Kruger
  5. Reasons for Divorce
  6. Turner-Smith and Jackson’s Silence
  7. Joshua Jackson’s Perspective
  8. Conclusion

Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith’s divorce announcement took many by surprise. Soon after, the rumor mill began churning out tales of possible infidelity. But what’s the truth?

Summary of did joshua jackson cheat

Aspect Information
Relationship Timeline Met, married in Dec 2019, daughter Janie born in Apr 2020.
Rumored Infidelity Old photos with a mystery woman and past comments about infidelity.
Previous Relationship Decade-long romance with Diane Kruger ending in 2016.
Official Reason for Divorce “Irreconcilable differences.”
Couple’s Response to Speculations Largely silent on their separation.
Joshua’s Take on Cheating Talked about relationships and infidelity, but no admissions.
Date of Article Publication October 3, 2023.

Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith’s Relationship

The couple first met and, within a year of their encounter, they got married in December 2019. They were blessed with a daughter named Janie in April 2020. Their union caught the public’s eye, with many fans and followers invested in their love story.

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Infidelity Rumors Surrounding Joshua Jackson

Amid the divorce news, old photos of Joshua Jackson kissing a mystery woman resurfaced, raising eyebrows. Adding fuel to the fire, past comments from Joshua about infidelity began to make headlines. One such statement, where he mentioned that he believes an affair can be forgiven, drew significant attention.

Joshua’s Previous Relationship with Diane Kruger

Before his relationship with Turner-Smith, Joshua Jackson was in a relationship with Diane Kruger for a decade. Their relationship ended in 2016. The relevance of this past relationship in the context of current rumors is unclear, but it remains a point of discussion among fans and analysts alike.

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Reasons for Divorce

While the buzz and speculation are rampant, the official reason listed for Joshua and Jodie’s divorce is “irreconcilable differences”. Concrete details surrounding the split remain sparse, keeping many in suspense.

Turner-Smith and Jackson’s Silence

Both Turner-Smith and Jackson have opted to remain largely silent about their separation, fuelling even more speculation. With their decision to withhold comments, the reasons behind their divorce have become a topic of much speculation.

Joshua Jackson’s Perspective

Interestingly, months before their separation, Joshua discussed his relationship with Turner-Smith and shared his perspective on infidelity. However, these comments should be viewed in context and not be taken as admissions of guilt.


As of now, “did Joshua Jackson cheat” remains a question without a clear answer. While rumors and speculations continue to circulate, it’s essential for readers to await official statements or credible sources before jumping to conclusions. Remember, this article was written on October 3, 2023, so future developments might shed more light on this matter.


Did Joshua Jackson cheat on Jodie Turner-Smith?

  • The answer remains unclear, with only rumors and speculations available at the moment.

When did Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith get married?

  • They tied the knot in December 2019.

Who is Joshua Jackson’s ex-girlfriend?

  • Joshua Jackson was previously in a relationship with Diane Kruger for a decade, which ended in 2016.
  • The cited reason for their divorce is “irreconcilable differences.”

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