Did Captain Tom Daughter Really Keep £800,000 from His Books?


captain tom daughter
captain tom daughter

In October 2023, Hannah Ingram-Moore, daughter of Captain Sir Tom Moore, disclosed that she retained £800,000 from the sales of three books her father authored before his demise. This revelation has fueled debates as readers were under the impression that the profits were intended for charitable causes. Captain Tom Moore, an icon during the COVID-19 pandemic, had raised a staggering £32 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden at 99 years old, subsequently establishing the Captain Tom Foundation for distributing these funds.

  1. Summary of Captain Tom’s Daughter Controversy
  2. The Admission
  3. Regrets and Controversy
  4. Sir Tom’s Wishes
  5. Media and Public Reaction
  6. Conclusion

Captain Sir Tom Moore, a decorated British Army veteran, became a national beacon of hope amid the COVID-19 pandemic. His daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, is now at the center of a brewing controversy for withholding £800,000 from his book proceeds, especially when the public believed the proceeds would aid charitable organizations.

Summary of Captain Tom’s Daughter Controversy

Date Event
April 2020 Captain Tom Moore starts his 100-lap garden walk for the NHS.
May 2020 Over £32 million raised for the NHS by Captain Tom Moore.
June 2020 Captain Tom Moore is knighted.
February 2021 Captain Tom Moore passes away aged 100.
October 2023 Hannah Ingram-Moore acknowledges keeping £800,000 from Captain Tom’s books.

The Admission

During an interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV, Hannah openly admitted to the retention of these book profits. She justified her action by mentioning her father’s desire for the family to hold onto the money via Club Nook Ltd, distinct from the Captain Tom Foundation. This, however, clashes with a prologue in one of Captain Tom’s books, suggesting the revenue would be charitable.

Regrets and Controversy

Post revelation, Hannah has voiced her ‘regret’ for using the charity’s name to construct a spa and pool complex. The general public has exhibited mixed reactions to these disclosures, ranging from support to critique. These controversies have somewhat tainted Captain Tom Moore’s legacy, prompting some to reconsider his charitable intentions.

Sir Tom’s Wishes

Although Hannah claims that Sir Tom intended for the family to retain the book earnings, substantial evidence backing this assertion remains elusive. One of Sir Tom’s book prologues even specifies that the funds would be channeled to charity, indicating potential discrepancies in how the profits were eventually utilized.

Media and Public Reaction

Piers Morgan has publicly denounced the intense criticism targeted at Hannah Ingram-Moore. While he defended her actions, the larger public sentiment has been polarized. Social media platforms are rife with discussions, criticisms, and support for both the Ingram-Moore family and the Captain Tom Foundation.


The unfolding controversy concerning Captain Tom’s daughter retaining £800,000 from his books has numerous facets to it. As discussions and debates continue, it is crucial to remember the significance of transparency and responsibility in charitable initiatives. This incident underscores the intricate and occasionally opaque realm of celebrity philanthropy.


Why is Hannah Ingram-Moore in the news?
Hannah, Captain Tom’s daughter, admitted to keeping £800,000 from the sales of her late father’s books.

Were the book profits supposed to go to charity?
A prologue in one of Captain Tom’s books indicated that the proceeds would go to charity.

How has the public reacted to the controversy?
The public reaction has been mixed, with some supporting Hannah and others criticizing her actions.

What was Captain Tom Moore known for?
Captain Tom became a national hero for raising over £32 million for the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic by walking 100 laps of his garden at 99 years old.

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