Bryson Tiller Girlfriend Who is the Singer Currently Dating?


In the realm of the music industry, Bryson Tiller is a name that resonates with many, particularly for his contributions to the R&B genre. But aside from his musical talents, many fans and followers are curious about his personal life, especially when it comes to his relationships. In this article, we’ll shed light on the ongoing buzz about “bryson tiller girlfriend”.

  1. Summary of bryson tiller girlfriend
  2. Bryson Tiller’s Musical Collaborations
  3. Relationship with Kendra Bailey
  4. Public Reactions and Congratulations
  5. Conclusion

Bryson Tiller, renowned for his soulful melodies, has captured the hearts of many. As his musical career continues to shine, so does the spotlight on his personal life, particularly his relationship with Kendra Bailey.

Summary of bryson tiller girlfriend

Aspect Details
Relationship Status Dating Kendra Bailey
Recent Musical Collaboration “You” with Doja Cat
Significant Events in 2019 Announcement of pregnancy, birth of daughter Kelly Jade
Public’s Reaction Positive, with congratulatory messages
Duration of Relationship with Kendra Over two years

Bryson Tiller’s Musical Collaborations

Recently, Tiller teamed up with the dynamic artist, Doja Cat, to release the single “You”. Coinciding with the track’s debut, rumors and chatter about his girlfriend, India Love, have been making rounds.

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Bryson’s versatility in collaborations and his commitment to keeping his personal life separate from his professional one demonstrates his meticulous approach to his career.

Relationship with Kendra Bailey

Delving deeper into Tiller’s love life, Kendra Bailey, a model and YouTuber, holds a significant place. The couple, adored by many, frequently shares snippets of their life on Instagram.

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Notably, in 2019, they announced they were expecting a baby and even shared heartwarming photos from their gender reveal. Having been together for over two years, the duo welcomed their daughter, Kelly Jade, adding another layer to their love story.

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Public Reactions and Congratulations

The public’s infatuation with celebrity relationships is undeniable. When Tiller and Bailey announced their pregnancy and subsequently the birth of their daughter, the internet was abuzz with well-wishes.

A notable post from rapup on December 31, 2019, which garnered 1053 likes and 8 comments, congratulated the couple on the birth of their daughter.


From his mesmerizing tracks to his relationship with Kendra Bailey, Bryson Tiller remains a subject of intrigue. As they navigate parenthood and their personal lives, fans eagerly await more glimpses into their world. Stay tuned for more updates on Bryson Tiller’s relationship journey with Kendra Bailey.


Who is Bryson Tiller’s current girlfriend?
Kendra Bailey is Bryson Tiller’s current girlfriend.

Did Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey have a child?
Yes, they have a daughter named Kelly Jade.

How long have Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey been together?
They have been in a relationship for over two years.

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