Bret Gilliam Cause of Death What Led to the Passing of the Scuba Diving Pioneer?


On October 8, 2023, the scuba-diving community and the world at large were met with the somber news of the passing of Bret Gilliam, a dominant figure in the world of scuba diving. Known not only for his pioneering efforts but also as one of the industry’s most successful entrepreneurs, Bret’s passing marks the end of an era.

  1. Summary of Bret Gilliam Cause of Death
  2. Bret Gilliam’s Accomplishments
  3. Cause of Death
  4. The Impact on the Diving Industry
  5. Career Milestones
  6. Heroism Recognition
  7. Personal Life
  8. Conclusion

At 72, Gilliam met a tragic end due to complications that arose after a stroke. As tributes pour in from all over, it’s evident how influential he was and how significant his loss is to the global diving community.

Summary of Bret Gilliam Cause of Death

Aspect Detail/Information
Date of Death October 8, 2023
Age at Passing 72 years old
Cause of Death Complications from a stroke
Notable Role CEO of UWATEC USA in 1996
Major Contribution Scuba diving pioneer
Heroic Act Incident with oceanic whitetip sharks in 1972
Personal Life Details Wife’s details not public

Bret Gilliam’s contributions to the scuba-diving industry are immeasurable. From setting standards to driving innovation, he was a force to be reckoned with.

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His untimely death on October 8, 2023, has left a void in the industry, as many reminisce about his achievements and the legacy he leaves behind.

Bret Gilliam’s Accomplishments

In the realm of scuba diving, Bret Gilliam is a name synonymous with innovation. As a pioneering figure, he revolutionized many techniques and methods.

Furthermore, his business acumen made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the diving industry, solidifying his place as a titan in the field.

Cause of Death

The “bret gilliam cause of death” that many are searching for is unfortunately related to a stroke. It’s a sobering reminder of the fragility of life.

Gilliam was 72 years old when he passed away, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to inspire generations of divers.

The Impact on the Diving Industry

Bret Gilliam’s demise has been deeply felt across the global diving industry. His innovations and leadership made him a revered figure.

His passing has highlighted the remarkable contributions he made during his lifetime, and the entire diving world is mourning the loss of this technical diving pioneer.

Career Milestones

1996 was a landmark year for Gilliam. He assumed the prestigious role of president and CEO of UWATEC USA, further stamping his authority in the industry.

Throughout his illustrious career, he worked tirelessly to elevate the standards of diving and is credited with many significant advancements in the field.

Heroism Recognition

Bret’s courage and bravery were not just limited to business. In 1972, a tragic incident involving his dive buddy, Rod Temple, being attacked by oceanic whitetip sharks off the island of St. Croix put Gilliam’s heroism on display.

Personal Life

While much is known about Gilliam’s professional achievements, his personal life, especially details about his wife, remain largely private. It’s known that information about Bret Gilliam’s wife hasn’t been made public.


Bret Gilliam’s legacy in the world of scuba diving is monumental. His untimely death on October 8, 2023, due to complications from a stroke, has left an indelible mark on the industry.

His accomplishments, bravery, and leadership will be remembered for years to come, ensuring that his name lives on in the annals of diving history.

Q1: When did Bret Gilliam pass away?
October 8, 2023.

Q2: What was the cause of Bret Gilliam’s death?
Complications from a stroke.

Q3: What role did Gilliam assume in 1996?
He became the president and CEO of UWATEC USA.

Q4: Was Gilliam recognized for any heroic act during his career?
Yes, he was cited for heroism after an incident involving oceanic whitetip sharks in 1972.

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