Biden Controversial Reference What Exactly Did He Call LL Cool J?


In a recent event, President Joe Biden stirred controversy when he mistakenly referred to the renowned rapper LL Cool J. The backlash was immediate and profound, with many condemning Biden’s choice of words and the underlying racial connotations associated with them.

  1. Summary of what did biden call ll cool j
  2. The Incident What Did Biden Call LL Cool J?
  3. Criticism and Backlash
  4. The Context of the Term “Boy”
  5. Biden’s Attempt to Correct
  6. Social Media Reactions
  7. Impact on LL Cool J and the Black Community
  8. Conclusion

To understand the uproar, it’s essential to delve into the specifics of what transpired and its broader implications.

Summary of what did biden call ll cool j

Incident Details Description
Event Biden’s speech
Mistake Forgot LL Cool J’s name
Controversial Term “boy”
Context of the Term Historically derogatory towards Black men
Public Reaction Swift backlash
Social Media Response Significant traction, memes, and public discussions

A speech by President Joe Biden became the center of attention when he mistakenly referred to LL Cool J during an event. The subsequent choice of words used by Biden added fuel to the controversy, leading to a whirlwind of reactions.

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The controversy began when Biden, while addressing an audience, momentarily forgot the rapper’s name and, in an attempt to recover, referred to him in a way many found inappropriate.

The Incident What Did Biden Call LL Cool J?

During a speech, President Biden momentarily forgot LL Cool J’s name. Instead of recalling it, he used the term “boy” to describe the rapper. The exact phrase used was, “By the way that boy — that man’s got biceps bigger than my thighs.”

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Criticism and Backlash

The backlash was swift and fierce. Critics did not hesitate to voice their concerns, labeling the use of the term “boy” as racially charged and inappropriate. Notable voices from the community, such as Darnesha Weary, Chris McCullough, and Jason Brown, described the reference as “unacceptable.”

The Context of the Term “Boy”

Historically, the term “boy” has been used derogatorily towards Black men, diminishing their stature and authority. In the context Biden used, critics argue that it was “absolutely a White racist word,” emphasizing the racial undertones associated with it.

Biden’s Attempt to Correct

Though Biden tried to rectify the situation, his correction was deemed insufficient by many. The overarching sentiment was one of disappointment, with critics expressing their grievances about the casual use of such a loaded term.

Social Media Reactions

Social media platforms were rife with comments, memes, and discussions around the incident. The event gained significant traction online, showcasing the impact such incidents can have in the age of the internet.

Impact on LL Cool J and the Black Community

As of now, LL Cool J’s response to the incident remains unknown. However, such events have broader implications. The Black community’s perception of political figures can be influenced by such incidents, reinforcing the importance of sensitivity and awareness.


The incident involving President Biden and LL Cool J serves as a stark reminder of the weight words can carry. Political figures, given their influential positions, must exercise caution, ensuring they avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes and prejudices.


1. What term did Biden use for LL Cool J?
Biden referred to LL Cool J as “boy” during a speech.

3. How did the public react to this incident?
The backlash was immediate and intense, with many critics and community members voicing their concerns.

4. Did Biden try to rectify his mistake?
Yes, Biden tried to correct himself but the initial reference stirred significant controversy.

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